Worst World Cup Kits of All Time

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  • Freebets.com have trawled through the archives to find some of the worst world cup kits ever worn. There might be a few controversial choices, but will anyone disagree that the kit worn by Mexico in 1994 is a top contender for worst kit ever?

  • Mexico
    Year 1994
    Brand Umbro
    Keeper Jorge Campos designed these hideous numbers himself, and more fool Umbro (again) for letting him, it was however a hit on the rave scene.
    Year 1930
    Brand -
    The 1930 World Cup was hosted by Uruguay. Bolivia wanted to pay tribute to the host and in order to do that, they wore jerseys with individual letters on them that spelled out “V.I.V.A U.R.U.G.U.A.Y. Their performance was as bad as their kit conceding 8 goals and scoring none in the two appearances they made.
    Year 1986
    Brand Umbro
    Who likes short shorts? The magic didn't rub off on the tartan army as Scotland missed out on making it out of the group by a single point.
    Year 1994
    Brand Adidas
    The Germans made a mark on the 1994 tournament through this hideous kit, continuing Adidas’ diamonds design in the worst possible way. This effort from the three-time champions was a travesty and the holders would be defeated by Bulgaria in the quarter-finals.
    Year 1994
    Brand Adidas
    La Furia Roja gave up their traditional red outfit at USA '94 replacing it with an horrific striped number.
    United States
    Year 1994
    Brand Adidas
    For a country with such an iconic flag and patriotic tradition, the USA have struggled to produce a world-class kit, with this effort on home soil the worst.
    Year 1998
    Brand Kappa
    Jamaica have only ever made one appearance at the World Cup, finishing third in Group H with a 2-1 victory over Japan their highlight. The kit was perhaps more memorable than the team's performances, pioneering in its asymmetric design but archaic in its crazy pattern.
    South Africa
    Year 1998
    Brand Kappa
    From collar to colours there is nothing right about South Arica's kit in the 98 World Cup. It appears to be more reminiscent of a pair of 90s-era pyjamas than a professional football kit
    Year 2002
    Brand Puma
    Cameroon wore this eye-catching sleeveless kit in the 2002 African Cup of Nations and it looked pretty cool too, like a basketball top. FIFA, spoilsports that they are, immediately declared the kit illegal and black sleeves were added for Cameroon’s appearance in the 2002 World Cup in Japan/Korea.
    South Korea
    Year 2002
    Brand Nike
    South Korea sported this fluorescent pink kit when they hosted the 2002 World Cup,they surprised everyone by making it all the way through to the semi-finals. Everyone was given plenty of opportunities in which to view the jersey in all its splendor!
    Year 2014
    Brand Nike
    England have gone back to basics with their new all-white home kit for the World Cup 2014. Priced at £90, the 2014 Nike kits claim to focus on English football history and cultural design. For £90 this has to be one of the worst kits in history of the tournament, well worst value for money anyway!
    Mexico - 1994 - Quarter Finalists
    L W D D
    Jamaica - 1998 - Group stage
    L L W
    Bolivia - 1930 - Group stage
    L L
    United States - 1994 - Group stage
    D W L
    Cameroon - 2002 - Group stage
    D W L
    Germany - 1994 - Quarter Finalists
    W D W W L
    Scotland - 1986 - Group stage
    L L D
    Spain - 1994 - Quarter Finalists
    D D W W L
    South Korea - 2002 - Semi Finalists
    W D L W D L
    South Africa - 1998 - Group stage
    L D D
    England - 2014 - TBC
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