Football punters can play at Colossus Bets for the world’s biggest prize, the £10,000,000 pool aptly named ‘The Colossus’. Not the typical fixed odds bookmaker you might expect, Colossus Bets is a football pool betting website which offers guaranteed jackpot prizes on a number of pools.

Colossus Bets provide a variety of football jackpot pools with a choice of easy to play Pick 6 and Pick 3 correct score pools in addition to correct outcome pools. The prizes increase with rollovers when pools are not won and customers playing correct score pools can win consolation prizes for selecting the correct outcome. Players are offered the chance to bank profits leg by leg by taking advantage of the unique ‘cash-in’ feature or hold their nerve and try to become multi-millionaires by landing the jackpot. The headline grabbing game promises a staggering £10,000,000 guaranteed for correctly predicting selecting all seven legs of ‘The Colossus’ and a subsequent Bonus Leg.

Register and deposit at Colossus Bets today and get £10 free bets when you bet £10, that’s five chances to won £10 million on The Colossus or 50 tries on the new 20p games. Deposit and bet £10 and Colossus Bets will give you £10 free bets to use on any of their football pools, including the ‘The Colossus’ pool.

The website is operated by Colossusbets Limited which is licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission in the UK. Colossus Bets is also a member of IBAS (Independent Betting Adjudication Service) which looks after the interest of punters by ensuring its members offer fair gambling and will act as arbiter in the unlikely event of any disputes.

Deposit and spend £10 on any Colossus Bets jackpot pools and get three free bets and the chance to win £10 million guaranteed

Colossus Bets Offers and Promotions

Colossus Bets gives customers five chances to win £10,000,000 on ‘The Colossus’ pool, simply deposit and bet £10 to receive £10 free bets. Customers are not obliged to play for the world’s biggest prize, the free bets can be used on any pool.

Entry to ‘The Colossus’ pool costs £2 per ticket but customers can play for as little as 20p per game on HDA (Home/Draw/Away) pools.

Colossus Bets also offers a Refer A Friend scheme that rewards the referrer with 5% of the amount bet by the friend for 12 months. In addition, the referrer will receive 2% of the friend’s winnings from cash-in, consolation and jackpot prizes over the same period of time.

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Colossus Bets Games

Games are easy to play, simply select your preferred game from the list on the home page and make your picks from the available options. Your selections appear on the betting slip at the side of game window, if you make a mistake just click ‘Clear’ and start over.

When playing Correct Score pools, there are six options for home wins up to 3-2. If you fancy another correct score choose AOH (Any Other Home, there are similar score options for away wins and the draw.

How to play The Colossus, the football jackpot pool with guaranteed £10 million prize

The main pool is ‘The Colossus’ which costs £2 per ticket and customers can now play the pool for as little as 20p, buying a fraction of a ticket. Players must predict the correct score in seven chosen games. If successful, the winning player will receive the guaranteed minimum pool which is £5million but the pool can build in excess of this amount with rollovers. The winner must predict the correct score in the following week’s Bonus Leg for the chance to win another £5million jackpot.

Players can make more than one prediction per leg to increase their chances of winning but permutations will also increase the cost the total bet. If more than one player wins the jackpot, the prize will be shared equally between the winning tickets. 

Register today and spend £10 to receive £10 free bets to use on on any jackpot games

There’s a selection of other games such as Pick 6 offering up to £2million guaranteed prizes split between £1million jackpot and £1million bonus plus £1000 consolation and Pick 3 pools with up to £2000 prizes shared in a similar way. Players can choose to play 20p games if the £2 tickets are a bit rich and the 20p Pick 6 carries £200,000 guaranteed prizes.

HDA games are a little easier to predict as players only have to choose the correct outcome of each of the eight games.

Colossus Bets offers players the opportunity to trade out of their bet by ‘cashing-in’ their ticket as matches in a pool complete. It’s possible to ‘cash-in’ part of a ticket so players can realise a profit from their position while holding on to part of the ticket for an interest in a share of the jackpot.

The pools predominantly feature matches from the Premier League and Championship but there are also pools featuring games in La Liga and Bundesliga.

Depending on the game you are playing, each £2 stake may be spread across three pools.

For ‘The Colossus’ and the ‘Pick 6’ correct score games, stakes are allocated between the Jackpot Pool, Bonus Pool and Consolation Pool, as follows:
> 60% of all stakes allocated to the Jackpot Pool
> 20% of all stakes allocated to the Consolation Pool
> 20% of all stakes allocated to the Bonus Pool.

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Colossus Bets Customer Service

Registration is straight forward and customers are given a choice of deposit methods such as Mastercard and Visa credit/debit cards, Paypal and Skrill (Moneybookers).

The online FAQ explains all you need to know about the pools and how to play plus there’s a handy video tutorial to show how simple it is. Customers can contact Colossus support via supplied Freephone telephone number or  email,  at the time of writing there was no Live Chat facility.

Contact details:
Colossusbets Ltd
Centre Point
103 New Oxford Street

Phone: 0800 404 9529