Get an edge on the bookies with daily tips direct to your smartphone or tablet, so you can make an informed decision when picking out a horse. MyTippingApp scours the internet’s top tipsters and rounds up common selections before presenting you with a ranked list of the day’s most popular bets. The MyTippingApp software then applies a special algorithm to take into account a horse’s recent form by combining track data relating to race distance, weight, jockey, recent wins, stall numbers and speed maps before presenting you with live odds.

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MyTippingApp Offers & Promotions

New customers can try out MyTippingApp free of charge for 14 days with a trial of the Pro package which includes tips every day. You’ll also get access to live race tips, a built in calculator, race glossary and in-app support.

There are two other packages available with the Weekend deal limited to tips for Saturday’s only and the Casual bundle giving tips for races on a Wednesday or Saturday. Each package can be paid for monthly or annually for an additional discount, though the Pro package is by far the most popular.

MyTippingApp Features

Getting access to daily tips on horse racing is the main advantage of using MyTippingApp, with the hottest selections from across the cards delivered to your mobile device each and every day. The growth in mobile betting has brought punters the ability to bet from anywhere with a decent mobile internet or wi-fi connection and now you can also carry the day’s top racing tips in your pocket. Save yourself the time and effort of trawling different blogs and tipster sites by getting the MyTippingApp, where all the best tips are cross-referenced and summarised to keep you one step ahead of the bookies.

The MyTippingApp staking calculator allows you to hedge your bets and in some cases make a guaranteed profit on a race. The calculator will ask you whether you are aiming at making a total cash return for the race or a % return on investment, before notifying you of the amount to stake on each runner to get the desired outcome. And there is no need to manually enter the odds as the calculater will pull the prices directly from the MyTippingApp feed.

MyTippingApp accesses live pricing data and refreshes every 5 seconds to ensure that you have the best information to hand when placing a bet. This way you can be sure that the odds you see are current and can focus fully on making the most of your betting opportunities with up to date and accurate data.

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MyTippingApp Support

There are few reported problems with MyTippingApp and everything you need to overcome a minor issue is detailed within the app. The FAQ section is clear and concise, though if you cannot find an answer to your question you can easily submit a question direct to support to receive a personalised answer form a customer service representative.