Oddsfutures.com is the most innovative thing to happen to sports in the betting industry since the emergence of betting exchanges, providing sports traders the opportunity to make money on a sporting event without having any regard for the actual result.

Experienced punters and bookmakers understand only too well that sports betting odds rarely remain the same and can change dramatically and this where Oddsfutures.com opens the potential to profit from flunctuating odds by providing the world’s only sports odds trading platform, which could revolutionise the way sports punters approach wagering in the future. Gamblers can now test their knowledge of betting markets by correctly predicting which way the odds will move on a sports while bookmakers and traders use the facility to hedge their risks without concerning themselves about the actual result.

To begin with, Oddsfutures.com has markets available for Irish and UK horse racing plus a number of sports such as football, cricket and rugby. More sports are planned in the near future to meet the anticipated demand from sports aficianados and betting businesses.

Oddsfutures.com markets are based on ‘futures’ trading, customers can start trading up to three days ahead of Irish and UK racing and even further ahead for other major sports events. Trading stops when the event starts and that is the point when trades are settled.

Customers will choose to BUY odds if they expect the price to go down or SELL if they expect it to go up. Stakes will be matched with the best available price at the time or an order can be placed for better odds and will be accepted if other traders are prepared to accept the price. The further the odds move in the direction you’ve predicted (down for buyers, up for sellers) the greater the returns will be but similarly, the more the customers gets it wrong, the more the losses will be. However, Oddsfutures.com has a stop loss mechanism to protect its customers against extreme variations in price which could cause unexpected losses.

Sports odds trading is an exciting new breakthrough which provides the opportunity for individuals and businesses with good market knowledge to net some real returns from the public sentiment that forces a change in odds.  Oddsfutures.com markets are open anyone who understands betting markets whether businesses, syndicates, investors of high net worth or casual traders looking for a new angle to sports betting.

Register at Oddsfutures.com today and €20 will be credited to your account, on making a deposit. Make the minimum €10 deposit and it can be withdrawn after 5 days.

Play for free and experience sports odds trading yourself, you can keep any profits you make from your €20 free credit, which will remain valid for 30 days after opening the account.

Oddsfutures.com don’t charge commission but a transaction fee of between 1% – 2% will be charged on all matched stakes with high volume traders qualifying for discount rates.

Oddsfutures.com was founded by Marc Butterly and Dr. David Edelman in 2009 and is based in Dublin, Ireland. The two entrepreneurs combined their knowledge of financial trading and love of sports to create a unique sports futures exchange. Oddsfutures.com features many of the elements of both sports betting and financial trading and has been designed exclusively for sports odds trading, making it like no other site on the market.

Oddsfutures.com’s product is so unique that it does not yet fall under a regulatory authority. Sports Price based odds futures contracts are not formally classified as Financial Instruments under (EU/EEA) MIFID, thus Oddsfutures.com does not require regulation under MIFID. According to the Bookmaking and Licensing Authorities in Ireland, Oddsfutures.com does not carry any betting risk therefore is not classified as a bookmaker or bookmaker’s agent. Also, as Oddsfutures.com does not enable customers to profit from betting on the actual outcome of a sporting activity, it is not classified as betting or wagering activity. At this point Oddsfutures.com is seeking consultation with any authority that may have jurisdictional or regulatory interest in its operation.