The Rise of the Live Casino: Real-time Game Play from the Comfort of your Own Home look at the rise of Live Casino gaming on the online market, bringing bricks-and-mortar authenticity to the comfort of your own home for entertaining free casino gaming

Live Casino gaming is fast becoming a popular online trend, bringing an authentic experience to your own home from many free casino gaming sites.

Social, mobile and online casinos have grown to represent huge business in the last two years, with the market share for 2015 set to exceed $17 billion having previously peaked at just over $5 billion in 2012. At the heart of this is real-time or live game play, which has earned a cult following of players and will continue to capitalise on rising demand in the years to come. The reasons behind this trend are less obvious, however, even in a prominent market place that is constantly subjected to in-depth scrutiny and analysis.

To understand the popularity of live casino play, it is important to study the developments that have taken place in sports betting throughout Europe and the UK. This marketplace has also been driven by the rising popularity of live, ‘in-play’ betting, where gamblers can execute bets in real-time on sporting events as they unfold. This has added a unique and fascinating dimension to sports betting, as it enhances the overall experience while enabling players to effectively maximise returns and minimise losses.

In comparison, the live casino market has also helped to create a more immersive gaming experience to players. It has also opened up the opportunity for live tournament play, where skilled practitioners of games such as poker can ply their trade online and generate a significant income as if they were cruising along the Las Vegas strip.

Players also have the opportunity to choose where and how often they play through the live medium, so it is far easier for them to hone their development and skills from the comfort of their own home.

While the term ‘live’ means entirely different things in the sports betting and online casino markets, the impact of real-time game play has been universally positive. It has also emerged at the ideal time, as online gaming has exploded alongside the development of mobile handsets and cross-platform experiences.

A huge number of websites have implemented the live element from their own studios located in the likes of Latvia, the UK, Costa Rica, the Philippines, Canada and even Dublin in Ireland.

Many of the world’s top bookmakers and online gaming providers keep the trend, such as Bet365BetfairWinner888William Hill and Betway to name a mere few from the many, while the likes of BetVictor hold no fewer than four live casino rooms to enjoy online.

The popularity of live casino gaming will only become more popular in the future, as concepts such as 4G connectivity and the ability to wirelessly connect a growing number of devices make real time play even more enjoyable. On a final note, it is also worth noting that the integration of live dealers has also helped to replicate a genuine casino environment in the virtual realm, primarily because it allows for greater interaction between players.