Understanding the Benefits of the Freemium Model: How does it work for Online Casinos?

Understanding the Benefits of the Freemium Model: How does it work for Online Casinos?

While you may well have heard about the freemium business model, you may also be aware that it is most renowned within the publishing industry. Although this may provide the most famous example of the freemium infrastructure at work, however, this is perhaps best applied in the online and mobile casino industry. By creating the ‘illusion of free’ and encouraging long-term loyalty from players, branded casinos are able to drive huge revenues while also empowering customers with choice and flexibility.

So how exactly does the freemium model work within the online gaming sector? To understand this in detail, let’s consider the example set by a reputable casino operator such as Sky Vegas. Players can subscribe and register with this brand for free, offering them instant access to a host of games and casino experiences. There is also a range of generous welcome bonuses and deposit matches available, which in turn translate into free gameplay and essentially offer the chance to optimise profits.


While welcome packages offer free gameplay to a fixed value, deposit matches require players to make an initial financial commitment. Brands usually match deposits up to 100%, meaning that you can double your initial stake and enjoy even more time at the tables. The Sky Vegas casino also takes the freemium business concept onto an entirely new level, primarily with a host of competitions and jackpot awards that are freely accessible to regular players. Take the weekly £25,000 Golden Jackpot, for example, which enables players to accumulate tickets through daily gameplay and contend for a huge cash prize.

Not only does this represent an excellent interpretation of the freemium business model, but it also incentivizes players in a number of diverse and innovative ways. The upshot is that players are rewarded for their initial loyalty upon registering, as brands invest in customers and aim to recoup this though long-term and regular spending.

This is certainly something that small business owners could learn from, especially those that operate in a competitive marketplace. By placing faith in your products and empowering customers with trust and the freedom of choice when the time comes for them to spend their money, you can drive long-term growth and lay the foundations for a durable and fruitful relationship.