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X Factor was brought to our television screens by music and entertainment impresario Simon Cowell after his involvement as a judge in a similar show, Pop Idol. Cowell put his influence behind X Factor and made it the biggest talent show in Europe attracting record audiences who love to witness the development of ordinary unknown performers into international singing stars.

The hullabaloo surrounding the X Factor never stops and the show and its personalities dominate TV, media and the internet from the audition stages and beyond the Grand Final itself. With such massive popularity and excitement about the outcome of the weekly eliminations and eventual X Factor winner, it was inevitable that bookmakers would sieze on the opportunity of X Factor as a betting medium.

The format of X Factor pits four judges in competition with each other as they mentor a different group of contestants. This lends itself perfectly to adding to the anticipation with a betting interest which fans of X Factor have taken up to such an extent, that X Factor has overtaken some major international sporting events for the number of bets staked when the show is aired. As well as betting on the X Factor winner, fans can bet on which performer will be the next to be eliminated, the top Boy performer, top Girl performer, top Group and top Older (from the group of mature performers). As rumours and stories develop in the media about judges and contestants, bookmakers react with betting propositions based on the breaking news, eg Who will be the next judge to be fired. 

The betting markets created around X Factor are usually listed in the Special, Novelty or Entertainment section of online bookmakers’ sportsbook, which means new customers will be entitled to a free bet or free bets when they make a deposit or bet on X Factor. Freebets.com publish articles featuring latest odds for X Factor plus details of free bets and free bet offers available for the show.  


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It’s really very simple, online bookmakers attract new customers by offering free bets or giving deposit bonuses to extend your stay on their internet betting sites which gives improves your chances of winning, at least on the first few visits.

These free bets and free bet bonuses can be used to bet on a number of X Factor betting markets with one or two conditions. Freebets.com spells out all the terms and conditions of each bookmakers introductory free bet offer and deposit bonus to save you the trouble of rooting through the small print on around 100 bookmaker websites.

With the help of Freebets.com you can get access to thousands of pounds worth of X Factor free bets and there is no easier way to profit from betting than betting for free. 


Three easy steps to get X Factor Free Bets

1. Choose a free bet; take a look at our extensive list of free bets, check the main conditions for wagering requirements and click ‘CLAIM IT NOW when you see an offer you like.

2. Register with the online bookmaker; complete the online registration form and enter the promotion code where appropriate, you’ll need to declare your payment details so have them handy. You must be able to trust your bookmaker with your financial details, Freebets.com only promotes reputable bookmakers and you can read our reviews in the Bookmakers section

3. Deposit some funds and place a bet; in most instances you can deposit as little as £5 or £10, but this will restrict the size of your free bet. We recommend starting out with the smaller free bet offers until you find your feet and go with those that match your first bet or deposit or even give you more than your first bet or deposit.

That’s all it takes, you can place a bet on X Factor and get free bets in return, we constantly seek out new bookmakers offers and have free bets from all the ‘blue chip’ bookmakers and many of the new breed of online bookmakers who have joined the competition for your business.


X Factor 2011



It’s very easy to place a bet with an online bookmaker and using your free bet is simple too. Methods of choosing how to use your free bet can vary slightly between bookmakers, if it is the only funding in your account then it will be automatically applied to your bet slip. If not, look for the option to apply your free bet before confirming the bet.

It’s been mentioned that there will be restrictions on placing free bets, these are intended to stop people from converting the free bets into instant cash as the bookmakers intention is to let you play for free. Most of these restrictions don’t really stop this happening. People with another bookmaker account or better still an account with a betting exchange are able to lock-in a profit from free bets without any risk. You can calculate how much profit can be locked into your free bets with our Back/Lay Hedging Calculator.

In any event, restrictions on free bets are in place and they vary between bookmakers, it is in your best interest to know what to look for as it can save time and disappointment later down the line. 


Six things you need to know before using your X Factor free bets 

1. Free bet stakes are not included in returns, you will receive the winnings from the free bet stake

2. Minimum Odds; expect bookmakers to require the free bet to be placed on selections with a minimum price, this can vary between 1/5 (1.20) and 6/4 (2.50)

3. Rollover Requirement; some bookmakers will require your free bet or deposit bonus be wagered a number of times before you can withdraw winnings from the bonus. Obviously, no rollover requirement is best, but with bigger free bet offers this shouldn’t necessarily put you off.

4. Free Bet Expiry; you’ll normally get 7 or 30 days to use your free bet.

5. Bet Type Restrictions; you are nearly always allowed to use your free bet a single bet and normally free bets can be used in accumulators.

6. Betting product restrictions; free bets are normally restricted to the bookmakers sports events and sometimes can be used on Games area. You won’t be able to use free bets for pool betting or in the bookmakers casino and poker rooms.


X Factor 2011



Taking advantage of the free bets that are available when signing up with online bookmakers is an excellent way to boost your profits from betting on X Factor, you certainly can’t lose when using your free bet. But, there are other ways to maximise the value you get from betting on X Factor. You may be able to insure your X Factor bet with a free bet refund offers or promotion released by online bookmakers which could result in receiving a free bet in consolation for backing a losing selection.

At Freebets.com, we think it’s a great idea to have accounts with a number of different bookmakers, if you have a debit card there is no reason to leave funds lying around in bookmaker accounts and you still have the opportunity to take the best offer or price for your bet. You just need to know where to find the free bet offers and which bookmaker is offering the best X Factor odds.

This is where Freebets.com comes in, we constantly monitor the free bet offers and promotions from online bookmakers and update the site with around £2000 worth of offers and promotions on any single day. You can visit Freebets.com and check out the latest free bet offers and promotions for X Factor and compare X Factor odds to make sure you are not missing out on the best prices.

Alternatively, you can subscribe to our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter where we release news of all the free bet offers and promotions that we add to the website. We don’t pretend to be betting tipsters, but we can help you select wisely by bringing you important X Factor news and pointing out where to find the best X Factor odds in our regular X Factor betting related articles. 


The only X Factor betting tips you’ll ever need

1. Open accounts with a number of different bookmakers; the more free bets the better

2. Take the best odds for your X Factor bets; compare bookmakers odds and work out your potential returns using our Betting Calculator

3. Find free bet refunds and pay out bonuses; see if they will benefit your X Factor bet, follow our daily updates on Facebook and Twitter and you’ll never miss an offer.