Colossus Bets

Colossus Bets is a pool betting website offering guaranteed prizes on a selection of pools which ensures winners receive a significant pay out whatever the amount staked. Football jackpot pool betting is a fun way to bet a small amount on the chance to win a life-changing cash prize and a popular way for betting syndicates to earn some serious returns from big permutation bets.

Colossus boasts the world’s biggest bet. “The Colossus” is a guaranteed £10,000,000 prize pool and the size of the pool increases each time it is not won when the stakes carry forward with a ‘rollover’ into the next game. A punter could scoop this massive jackpot dividend for as little as £2, the cost of a ticket into The Colossus pool.

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The game is simple to play, just predict the correct scores in seven games selected by Colossus Bets, win a share of at least £5 million for getting all predictions correct plus the chance to play for a bonus of at least £5 million for predicting the correct score in the following week’s Bonus Leg.

There’s also a £5000 consolation prize for predicting the correct outcome of each match even if the exact scores were not successful. For example, if a player predicts Chelsea to win 2-1 but it turns out Chelsea win 1-0. The correct score prediction is unsuccessful, but the player predicted Chelsea would win so was successful in predicting the outcome.

Colossus Bets also offers other pool bets that are not quite as difficult to predict, such as Pick 6 with a £2 million guaranteed prize pool for predicting 6 correct scores, Pick 3 with £2000 guaranteed prize pool for predicting 3 correct scores and HAD 8 with £2000 guaranteed prize pool for predicting 8 correct outcomes, home/draw/away.

How would you feel if you were on course to predict all seven correct scores, would you be happy to hold out for all or nothing, or would you prefer the option to cash-in all or a percentage of the prize to guarantee a profit? Colossus Bets offers the option to cash-in live tickets at the half-time stage and as matches in a pool complete. By cashing-in a fraction of the ticket, players can guarantee a profit while retaining an interest in part of the jackpot with the remaining share of the ticket.

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How To Play The Colossus

Sign up with Colossus Bets to play the £10,000,000 Colossus, the world’s biggest bet.  Bet any time after the pool has opened until the kick-off of the first match on The Colossus coupon.
> Click ‘The Colossus’ in the left navigation column
> Select your correct score predictions for each match on the selection
> Click ‘Play Now’ below the bet slip and ‘Confirm’ to pay for your bet

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How To Win £10 Million On “The Colossus”

It couldn’t be easier to bet on “The Colossus” for the chance to win £10 million. Sign up and deposit funds with Colossus Bets to be able to purchase a £2 ticket for The Colossus pool.  Make your correct score predictions on the current coupon and pay for your bet. You can choose one prediction per match for a single line costing £2 or make more one than one prediction to create a permutation, you’ll see the cost of your bet on the slip.

Successfully predict the correct score on all seven matches to win a share of £5 million or more. The £5 million jackpot is a guaranteed minimum, rollovers can build a jackpot in excess of £5 million. It’s possible that more than one ticket will win in which case the jackpot amount will be shared between the winners.

Jackpot winners can win a share of a further £5 million or more by predicting the correct score in the following week’s Bonus leg.

Successfully predict the outcome of all seven matches and win a share of the Consolation pool.

Get three free bets in any pool when spend £10, register and deposit today.

How To Cash-In Your Colossus Bet Ticket

At certain times, if your bet contains at least one potential winning line Colossus Bets may offer to buy your ticket. This will typically happen at the conclusion of one of the later legs in the pool and before the start of the next leg. You’ll have the choice to cash-in all or part of your ticket.

For example, say you’ve been correct in predicting the score of the first four games, Colossus Bets may offer you £5000 for your ticket. You can decline and hold on to the ticket in the hope you will be successful with the next three results or sell your ticket and bank the amount offered.

Alternatively, you can sell a fraction of your ticket eg 50% which means you could bank half of the £5000 offered, £2500, and retain half of your ticket which would entitle you to 50% of any winning dividends. That could be Jackpot and Bonus leg if the rest of your predictions are correct or Consolation pool if the outcomes are correct.

By selling all or part of your ticket, you give up that percentage of winning rights for any of the pools i.e. Jackpot, Bonus and Consolation pools.

How Colossus Bets Pools Are Calculated

Pool betting works on the principle that everyone’s stake goes into a pot with the winner keeping all the money accrued in the pot. When there is more than one winner, the winners share the pot with each winning ticket getting an equal share. The operator, in this case Colossus Bets, keeps a proportion of each ticket bought to cover operating costs and provide a profit. Colossus Bets keeps 60p for every £2 ticket bought, leaving £1.40 to go into the prize pools. When a pool is not won, the pot is carried forward into the next game to give bigger prizes but the best feature of Colossus Bets is the size of guaranteed prize funds which begin at a much higher level than the total stakes bet in the pool.

Depending on the game you are playing, each £2 stake may be spread across three pools.

For ‘The Colossus’ and the ‘Pick 6’ correct score games, stakes will be allocated between the Jackpot Pool, Bonus Pool and Consolation Pool, as follows:
> 60% of all stakes allocated to the Jackpot Pool
> 20% of all stakes allocated to the Consolation Pool
> 20% of all stakes allocated to the Bonus Pool.

For other games (including all HDA games and ‘Pick 3’ and ‘Pick 4’ correct score games), 100% of all stakes will be allocated to the Jackpot Pool.