Ladbrokes #GetAPrice: Making The Most Of Social Media

We all know how huge Twitter is now when it comes to the betting market. It’s our opportunity to speak directly to our bookmaker, and oh do they like to speak back.

It’s become a fantastic medium and Ladbrokes are certainly making the most of it. They’re now giving us the opportunity to get our bets directly from Twitter, just as you would walking into a betting shop.

#GetAPrice is available on all Premier League, Championship, Scottish Premiership, Champions League, La Liga.

What Is Ladbrokes’ #GetAPrice

Despite Ladbrokes’ website having a huge range of markets to bet on, they understand that there may be a wager you want to place that you can’t find.

That’s why Ladbrokes are letting Twitter users tweet @Ladbrokes your own bet. Simply use the #GetAPrice hashtag and send your customised bet over to them and they’ll get back to you with odds.

You can combine Match and Player stats bets such as shots, passes, tackles, shots on target and of course goals and assists and get a price back from Ladbrokes.

How To Use Ladbrokes’ #GetAPrice

You can get a price on a bet with Ladbrokes by following these simple steps

  1. Log in or sign up to a Ladbrokes betting account
  2. Go to Twitter and tweet @Ladbrokes alongside your bet and use the #GetAPrice hashtag
  3. The Ladbrokes team will then get back to you with the odds and a link so you can back your bet
  4. Click the link and place the bet using your Ladbrokes betting account

Terms & Conditions

There are few terms and conditions with this. Naturally, the usual terms apply when placing the bet on Ladbrokes website however.

  • Prices can fluctuate from the original odds given
  • Statistics are based on Opta stats
  • Ladbrokes are sent large amounts of requests each day so it is worth contacting them early to avoid disappointment