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A Casino guide. Chapter 1 Atlantic City

A Casino guide. Chapter 1 Atlantic City image

A Casino guide. Chapter 1 Atlantic City

For younger gamblers who have grown up plying their trade through online casinos, the idea of visiting a bricks and mortar establishment may seem entirely unnecessary. Such can offer a unique and thrilling experience, however, and one that is far removed from gambling online or in the virtual realm. In this respect, the lavish but often underrated resorts in New Jersey’s Atlantic City offer an ideal for inexperienced gamblers who are looking to sample the world’s best physical casinos.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at three of the best casino locations that Atlantic City has to offer gamblers. 

The Trump Taj Mahal, Virginia Avenue

With the 14th instalment of the Celebrity Apprentice now underway, iconic businessman Donald Trump is once again gracing U.S. screens. Trump has much more to deal with than celebrity diva’s and exhibitionist philanthropy, however, as he also owns one of Atlantic City’s most iconic casinos. The Trump Taj Mahal complex is prominently located on the Boardwalk at Virginia Avenue and includes a staggering 1,795 rooms for hire. The casino also offers an array of games and experiences, from video and Texas Hold ‘em poker to Mini-Baccarat and classic roulette. 

The Bogata Hotel

Arguably the premier Atlantic City casino, the Bogata Hotel is a 136 square foot resort with more than 2,200 guest rooms, 13 restaurants and a 3,700-seat events centre. Rooms can also be sourced for as little as £70 per night, with more lavish and costly available for higher rollers. This casino also offers a huge and diverse range of games, including everything from the Big 6 Wheel and Spanish 21 Blackjack to traditional titles such as Flop Poker, Craps and roulette. This complex is ideal for visitors with a wide range of tastes, while it can also easily accommodate both novice and experienced gamblers from the UK.

Caesars Atlantic City Hotel

Caesars is arguably the worlds’ most iconic casino brand, with prominent resorts located in Vegas and Atlantic City. It has also diversified successfully into the virtual realm, where it owns a host of online sites that deliver a huge range of titles and gaming experiences. True fans of gambling should consider making the trip across the Atlantic to the iconic Caesars complex in New Jersey, where they can play multiple games including Video Poker, Keno, Three Card Poker and the increasingly popular Mississippi Stud. This casino also operates an incredible array of slot machines and records some of the best pay-outs throughout the whole of the U.S.