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A Casino guide. Chapter 2 Niagara Falls

A Casino guide. Chapter 2 Niagara Falls image

A Casino guide. Chapter 2 Niagara Falls

A quick glance online reveals everything that you need to know about the online gambling sector, as the sheer number and range of resources available needs to be seen to be believed. While the value of the online gambling sector is set to exceed $182.8 billion by the end of this year, however, it is important to note that there is still a strong demand for bricks and mortar establishments in specific regions throughout the world. Take Niagara Falls, for example, which as a popular tourist destination continues to accrue huge revenues through its various casino locations.

In total, there are three casino resorts in the picturesque Niagara Falls. The first of these is the Fallsview Casino, which is intriguingly named and arguably the single most evolved complex in the whole of the region. Featuring an incredible 3,000 slot machines, 150 gaming tables, a retail facility and numerous fine dining restaurants, it is built on a huge 23-acre site and also provides visitors with spectacular falls of one of the worlds’ most iconic natural wonders. There is even a 1,500 seat theatre and multiple entertainment options to keep visitors engaged at all times.

Then there is the Casino Niagara, which is the oldest structure of its type in the area and boasts a number of unique aesthetic features. Although many will argue that the resort continues to show its considerable age, its quaint charm and unique design make it a firm favourite among both local residents and international visitors alike. The casino also features more than 1,500 slot machines in a variety of denominations (from a single penny to $25 per spin), while players can also enjoy rare delights such as video blackjack, the wheel of fortune and even traditional slot reels.


In addition, there is also the ground-breaking Seneca Niagara Casino, which is the first gambling establishment licensed to operate in the American side of Niagara Falls. It is therefore the third casino operating in the region and the first to be included in the state of New York, which means that it is segregated from the other two and a long walk from the Niagara State Falls Park. You will therefore need you passport to attend, while the casino itself boasts a huge arrange of games and specialised in uniquely designed slot reels. This may be too far of a trek for Niagara Falls visitors, but it is well worth a look if you are located within close proximity.