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A Casino guide. Chapter 3 Monte Carlo

A Casino guide. Chapter 3 Monte Carlo image

A Casino guide. Chapter 3 Monte Carlo

The Principality of Monaco has become synonymous with luxury, as well as providing a viable home for the rich and famous. The primary reason for this is the location’s unique tax laws, which are extremely lax and dictate that no liabilities shall ever be levied on residents. This means that high earners can retain every single penny of their income, which is extremely alluring so long as they can afford Monaco’s exalted cost of living. Monte Carlo is the capital of this Principality, and it should come as no surprise that this location features numerous casino complexes and resorts.

The Casino de Monte-Carlo: A Stunning and Unique Resort

The most renowned of these casinos is the glorious Casino de Monte-Carlo, which is a legendary and diverse complex with a number of intriguing facets. Providing a unique fusion of history and architecture, the Casino de Monte-Carlo has managed to retain its ‘Belle Époque’ finery alongside gildings, chandeliers, columns and lavish décor. The casino is even home to a wonderful museum, which offers an insight into the sites extraordinary history and the place that it holds in the hearts of locals. 

This history can be traced back to the mid-19th with boundless potential and underwater grottos. It took an incredible visionary of this time in Francois Blanc to transform this space and construct the casino, before building the equally lavish Hotel de Paris just metres away. This redevelopment was completed with the installation of a gushing water fountain and exotic palm-trees spirited from the coast of Bordighera, before a high-end café was built to provide refreshments in 1868. 

The Modern day and the New Casino de Monte-Carlo

Fast forward to the modern day, and the gambling landscape has changed almost beyond all recognition. From the emergence of remote gaming and trusted online resources to the development of contemporary game variations, old-school gamblers could be forgiven for thinking that they had approached and passed the end of an era. 

In addition to this, many established casinos in Las Vegas and Macau have also recorded considerable losses in the final financial quarter of 2014 and face an uncertain future over the course of the next decade. Interesting, this underlines the unique and long-lasting appeal of the Casino de Monte-Carlo, as despite considerable evolution it has managed to maintain its popularity and provide a sanctuary for high-rolling gamblers from around the world.