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A Casino guide. Chapter 4 Macau

A Casino guide. Chapter 4 Macau image

A Casino guide. Chapter 4 Macau

Despite reporting falling bricks and mortar casino revenues, Macau remains one of the most prominent and traditional gambling regions in the world. Rivalling Vegas as the home of lavish and high-end gambling, Macau hosts an incredible range of casinos and an ever-increasing range of games and experiences. There are a cumulative total of 35 casinos in the region of Macau, each of which offers exquisite décor, high limit tables and a unique sense of grandeur and majesty.

The most famous casino in this region is the historic Venetian Macao, which also has the distinction of being the world’s largest gambling resorts. In addition to this, there are also a wide range of other casinos that offers an extremely diverse range of games to players. 

The Sands Macao

Located in the picturesque Macau Peninsula, the Sand Macao was designed by Paul Steelman and is now owned by the Las Vegas Sands Company. It includes a 229,000 sq. ft. casino complex, which sits alongside a 51 suite hotel and features multiple gaming tables. It is ideally located and a particular favourite among recreational gamblers, which is a rarity given the serious and high-end nature of gaming in Macau. The location’s hotel is also relatively accessible, meaning that it serves as a viable tourist attraction for visitors.

The MGM Grand Macau

When movie company MGM purchased the iconic Vegas casino The Bellagio, it marked the companies move into a new and exciting marketplace. The group has subsequently purchased a number of alternative resorts, one of which being the MGM Grand Macau structure in the heartland of China. It is certainly a lavish complex, with a 600 room, 35 story casino providing an incredible range of games and tables located throughout. The resort has an estimated financial value of $1.25 billion, and since its inception in 2007 it has continued to attract visitors from all over the world.

The Wynn Macau    

While the rising popularity of online casino resorts may have provided a considerable challenge to the bricks and mortar locations of Macau, there are some resorts that continue to buck this trend. Take the Wynn Macau, for example, which is again located in the Macau Peninsula and combines high quality gaming alongside a deluxe hotel, numerous fine dining restaurants, designer retail outlets and even a choreographed performance lake. This lavish, Vegas-style resort underlines the major appeal of bricks and mortar resorts, and more specifically the immersive experience that they offer to visitors.