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A Casino Guide to Amsterdam

A Casino Guide to Amsterdam image

A Casino Guide to Amsterdam

While Vegas may be the spiritual home of gambling and synonymous with high-rollers from around the world, there are other locations and major cities with a wide range of gambling establishments. Take Amsterdam, for example, which features a number of independent and large-scale chain casinos that draw visitors from across the entire breadth of Europe. Choosing which casinos to visit during your stay can be challenging, however, so you will need to do your research before making a firm commitment.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at three casinos that remain enduringly popular in the city of Amsterdam: - 

Holland Casino

In terms of presence and influence, the Holland Casino chain is the single most impressive in the whole of the Netherlands. It was formerly referred to as the National Foundation of Casino Games in the Netherlands, and it is known to hold the legal monopoly on gambling in Holland. With 14 resorts active nationwide, it is also the single most profitable chain and one that dominates the whole of the casino market. All profits generated by the casino go directly to the Dutch treasury, meaning that it benefits from government support and assistance at all times. Having generated as much as 267 million Euros as long ago as 2007, it is also one of the most lucrative casinos in the whole of Europe.

Jacks Casino

From Holland’s largest chain to one of its most successful independent resorts, we head towards Jack’s Casino in the heart of the city. A staple of Amsterdam’s growing gambling culture, is open seven days a week and usually closes at midnight on every single evening. It is renowned for its generous promotional offers and discounts, which have been developed to enable the brand to compete with richer and more established rivals. It also has an impressive range of slot games, so it is ideal for modern gamblers who also enjoy plying their trade online.

The Merkur Casino

For traditionalists, the Merkur Casino is a must-visit location. With 750 metres squared of space it is also one of the largest, and its impressive interior enables up to 185 players to operate simultaneously across a diverse range of games. It also boasts the type of lush and lavish interior that distinguishes classic casino locations such as The Bellagio in Vegas, while its unique sense of style is even known to draw visitors who are more interested in architecture than gambling. This is quite an achievement in itself, and experienced gamblers should look to visit this location during their Amsterdam stay.