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A casino guide to New Orleans

A casino guide to New Orleans image

A casino guide to New Orleans

While it may take a little more time for online gambling to become a universal feature of the U.S. landscape, the bricks and mortar establishments located nationwide continue to draw visitors from all over the world. Although some may be experiencing a slight drop in profitability, corporeal casinos in the U.S. are still extremely popular and bustling hubs of excitement, adventure and occasionally unbearable tension. Furthermore, many of these exist outside of Las Vegas, with regions such as New Orleans offering a rich and diverse gambling experience: -

3 Top New Orleans Casinos

With this in mind, let’s take a look at three of the best and most popular casino resorts in New Orleans. Consider the following:- 

Harrah’s Casino

Arguably one of the biggest and most lavish casinos beyond the Vegas strip, Harrah’s is also a brand that has bridged the gap between bricks and mortar gambling and virtual interaction. It is therefore one of the most lucrative and profitable casino brands in the whole of Northern America, with the New Orleans locations alone featuring 120 gambling tables, 3,000 slot machines, a buffet restaurant and an incredible 140-seat lounge. This often hosts live music events, and adds considerable depth to the entertainment on offer at Harrah’s.

The Treasure Chest Casino

For a less lavish and more affordable casino experience, you should consider visiting The Treasure Chest Casino. The resort offers a vast and diverse array of casino games, from traditional titles such as blackjack, roulette and baccarat to contemporary titles such as progressive slots and video poker. This has helped to guarantee the popularity of the resort, although the relatively affordable cost of valet parking and buffet food is also alluring to visitors. At 23,680 square feet, the Treasure Chest Casino is also one of the largest in New Orleans.


Fair Grounds Race Course and Slots

Located on the picturesque Gentilly Boulevards, the Fair Grounds Race Course and Slots resort is one of the most understated casinos in the whole of New Orleans. It is also unique in that it is dedicated entirely to slot gaming, with an estimated 15,000 square feet of three and five reel machines offering fascinating themes, experiences and narratives. There is also an added advantage for those who like to gamble on the horses, as the resort hosts live thoroughbred racing between the months of November and March.