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A Casino Guide to Puerto Rico

A Casino Guide to Puerto Rico image

A Casino Guide to Puerto Rico

While the concept of gambling may well conjure images of the Vegas strip or Atlantic City, it is in fact a globally popular past-time that has relevance throughout the world. Although some of these locations may be revered and well established, however, there are others that are relatively new and others that have a deceptively long history of success. Puerto Rico provides a surprising example of the latter, as it is often referred to as the capital of Caribbean gambling and a beacon of entertainment throughout the whole of Latin America.

A Guide to Puerto Rican Gambling

From humble beginnings, gambling has emerged as a major industry in Puerto Rico. Not only does it generate huge amounts of income and contribute to a significant portion of the countries cumulative GDP, but it also forms the backbone of a lucrative and consistently thriving tourism sector. As a result of this, Puerto Rico has one the longest standing and most traditional Games of Chance Acts’ in the world, and while some amendments have been made over the years it retains many of the regulations first laid down in 1948. 

The main element of this law is that casino games can only be played in licensed resorts and hotels, with many of these located throughout the territory. These bricks and mortar resources are the leading source of gambling revenue in Puerto Rico, with resorts such as the Casino del Mar at La Concha Resort, the El Tropical Casino and Hilton Ponce Golf and Casino Resort among the most lucrative. These are also among the most popular Caribbean casinos, offering a wealth of games including blackjack, roulette and contemporary slot machines.

The Future for Puerto Rican Gambling

For a country that adheres to such a structured set of gambling rules, it is slightly surprising to note that the government have a relaxed approach to online and virtual gaming. At this time, the law stipulates that up to 250 online casinos can be active throughout Puerto Rico, so long as they offer Spanish or English language gameplay and are fully licensed.

These sites also trade in U.S. dollars, while the vast majority are located offshore and outside of the Caribbean. Although this may cause regulatory issues and complaints in the future, for now online gambling is completely legal in Puerto Rico and helping to augment the bricks and mortar casino industry.