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A Further Insight into Pai Gow Poker

A Further Insight into Pai Gow Poker image

A Further Insight into Pai Gow Poker

As online casinos have developed, so too the range of available formats across multiple games has snowballed. Let’s take poker, for example, which already had a high volume of versions available prior to diversifying online.

One of the most recent available versions is Pai Gow poker, which is now available on Matchbook Casino. An Americanised version of an Asian classic, this game is not for the feint-heated and ideal for those with experience of poker.

In basic terms, Pai Gow is an oriental game fusing the fundamental elements of Chinese dominos. Pai Gow poker has been built on this game, using playing cards that bear poker hand values as opposed to Chinese dominos. This contemporary poker game was developed by Sam Torosian and Fred Wolf, with the former having a reputation for innovation in the field of online game development. The result is an engaging and interesting game, which challenges even experienced poker players on an entirely new level.


The aim of this game is to defeat the banker, which in the case of online variations is the interactive dealer. To achieve this, players must create two distinct poker hands from the seven cards that are dealt by the dealer in question. This equates into a five card and a two card hand, while the rules of the game dictate that the rank of the former must supersede that of the latter. This is why the two card hand is referred to as being ‘in front’ or the ‘minor’ hand. After the cards have been dealt, betting positions are then assigned a number between one and seven and the game continues in a counter-clockwise direction across the table.

Ultimately, deciding to play Pai Gow poker should be based primarily on your ability to adapt to new gaming formats and rules. After all, the nature and composition of the hands involved differs to any other variation, meaning that you will need to adjust quickly and make a seamless transition from your preferred game.

If you are unable to achieve this or develop a strong understanding of the rules involved, you may need to consider alternative poker variations. The other alternative is to practice playing the game in a non-competitive environment, minimising risk and honing your skills before taking on more seasoned professionals.