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A Guide to Casino Terminology Part II: What is a Progressive Jackpot?

A Guide to Casino Terminology Part II: What is a Progressive Jackpot? image

A Guide to Casino Terminology Part II: What is a Progressive Jackpot?

When you first come to play casino games there are numerous challenges that must be overcome. One of the most important is learning to converse with dealers and fellow players, and to achieve this you will need to develop an understanding of game-specific jargon and a unique glossary of terms. Take the term ‘Progressive Jackpot’, for example, which is widely used across multiple games and a key phrase that can influence your decision making.

In basic terms, a progressive jackpot is a term that refers to a gaming machine where the value of the pot increases with every round. This process continues until the ultimate prize is won, and it is an incentive most commonly found on video poker or a slot machine. From an operators perspective a progressive jackpot helps to drive player spending and encourage more participants to join a specific game or table, and while some of this is used to create an inflated jackpot the rest is committed to turnover and bottom line profit.

There are also advantages for professional gamblers, as many limit their competitive slot play to progressive jackpot machines so that they can maximise their potential profit. From a strategic point of view, there is an opportunity for players to time their involvement to coincide with a progressive jackpot that has built incrementally over a prolonged period of time. Alternatively, forward-thinking players can also utilise progressive jackpot slot play to benefit from various types of loss rebates and free money offers, with these prominently available through welcome packages promoted by virtual casino operators.


As we can see, even relatively simple terms have the potential to carry deeper meaning in the world of gaming. While a progressive jackpot simply refers to a prize fund that grows incrementally throughout the course of a specific game, for example, it can be utilised in numerous different ways and has benefits both for operators and players alike.

As a result of this, players are likely to tailor their strategies when playing progressive jackpot games, especially with regards to their timing and the number of rounds that they participate in. They may also use these types of game to utilise additional benefits such as free gameplay or rebates.