A New Era for Roulette

From live installments to new and innovative themed formats roulette has an incredible number of variations available to players from around the world.

A New Era for Roulette

If you have ventured onto an online casino recently, you may well have been interested to note that there is now an incredible range of games available to players. Whether you enjoy blackjack, poker or roulette, there remain an incredible diversity of titles for players of all ages to enjoy.

This is particularly true when it comes to roulette, which has an incredible number of variations available to players from around the world. From live instalments to new and innovative themed formats, these variations offer something different to players and appeal to an entirely new demographic of players.

The Rise of New Roulette Formats

To understand this trend further, we should look at the rising popularity of Marvel roulette. This game, which has been inspired by the antics of the Marvel comic book’s most iconic characters. From the Incredible Hulk to Spiderman, these character-inspired games are available on a host of rival casino brands, including Paddy Power, Gala Casino, Betfred and Sky Bet. Not only are these games incredibly engaging and innovative, but they also reach out beyond the traditional gambling demographic and engage a whole new audience.


This reflects the changing nature of gambling and gaming as a whole, as the typical demographic continues to broaden beyond its usual boundaries. More specifically, themed variations of classic casino games are increasingly engaging from the perspective of women and older male players, who tend to have more disposable income and a far greater appreciation for more subtle and diverse titles. This explains the huge appeal and profitability of online gambling and virtual casinos, as they essentially cater to this market while developers continue to innovate and introduce new games.

The Last Word

Even if you are not keen on the idea of playing Marvel roulette, there remain a huge range of options that you can enjoy when gambling online. Live roulette offers a balanced and exciting real-time experience, for example, where players can participate in competitive and authentically paced games with also interacting directly with dealers.

For traditionalists, it is also important to note that classic variations such as French, European and American roulette remain more popular than ever. These games also underpin every modern variation that is available online, while they also ensure that modern players have a diverse range of titles from which to choose from. This can only be positive for online casino brands and the market as a whole, while players themselves can also optimise their chances of success by playing their favourite game variation.