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Alderney benefits from flourishing online casino industry

Alderney benefits from flourishing online casino industry image

The Channel Island of Alderney has benefited from the flourishing online casino gambling industry to tune of £3.8 million according to figures revealed by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission.
The Alderney Gambling Control Commission is the island’s regulatory authority where a number of the world’s leading online casinos are licensed.
The April issue of Billet D’Etat reports that John Beaman, Chairman of the Policy and Finance Committee in Alderney, expects the island’s online casinos to continue to flourish after showing a £2.26million profit last year and he predicted a bright future for Alderney based online casinos.
Thanks to the revenues generated by online casino gaming, Alderney has been able to redevelop its commercial wharf to provide a more beautiful scenic environment. The income from online casinos also helped pay for a new care home, one of a number of capital projects set by the Alderney government. The island expects to see more improvements from the money generated from regulating the online casinos for as long as the industry continues to flourish.
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