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An Introduction to Playing Solo Mahjong Solitaire

An Introduction to Playing Solo Mahjong Solitaire image

An Introduction to Playing Solo Mahjong Solitaire

As a huge online gaming fan, I thought I had seen every conceivable game and variation of the classic casino line-up. I was therefore stunned to come across an online game that I had heard of through the popular Winner Casino, which was advertising a version of the scarcely heralded title ‘Solo Mahjong Solitaire’. A unique and unusual game that may also be referred to as ‘Shanghai Solitaire’, it uses colourful Mahjong tiles that can be moved and rearranged to create pairs and empty the entire layout on the screen.

There are an estimated 144 Mahjong tiles included in the typical online game, each of which can be moved left or right according to the layout. Once you are able to expose pairs of identical tiles (the majority of titles uses flowers, seasons or colours to provide a visual point of reference), these items are removed from the screen to create more space and move you closer to your ultimate goal. This also exposed the lower levels of gameplay, and the process continues until you have eliminated all tiles or there are no pairs remaining.


Players can wager on outcomes, while the majority of operators allow you to reshuffle tiles according to predetermined guidelines. A maximum of five reshuffles is usually permitted during the course of each game, while players can only remove one pair of tiles at a time. It is also important to note that tiles usually have standard suites (as you would find in a deck or cards for poker) and these are represented by Characters, Bamboos, Circles, Dragons, Winds, Seasons and Flowers. These can be used to underpin individual wagers, while also creating diversity in the betting stakes.

This game should certainly appeal to recreational players who gamble for fun, although those with a desire to earn money may be more reluctant to chance their arms. There is room for strategy and the minimising of risk in this game, however, while players can also improve their probability of winning by initially removing tiles that creates greater opportunity to tile match in the future. This also helps to clear space and access the bottom levels, as simply matching obvious pairs may cause you to lose the game by leaving crucial tiles untouched. So there is something there for serious gamblers, especially those who wish to challenge themselves.