Can Bluffing work when Playing Poker Online?

As online play has removed the element of personal interaction between players and translated gameplay into the virtual realm, we ask can bluffing work when playing poker online?

Can Bluffing work when Playing Poker Online?

In days gone by, psychological aptitude and an ability to read body language were central elements of any successful poker strategy. This was before the emergence of online casinos, however, which removed the element of personal interaction between players and translated gameplay into the virtual realm. As a result, it is extremely difficult to read your opponents’ body language or react to any physical tells, as you must instead rely largely on tracking data and your own unique attention to detail to succeed.

While this is fairly well accepted logic, however, ‘bluffing’ remains a grey area. After all, this practice relates to your chosen hand and the way that you play it, and while you cannot read the behaviour of others you can at least use your instinct and occasionally look to bluff your way through a specific round. The first consideration is the type of game that you are playing, as while some are more conducive to bluffing others are less so. So if you are playing three card brag with Bet Victor, for example, you would have greater success bluffing than through formats such as Texas Hold ‘em poker.


The next thing to bear in mind is that it is all too easy to become obsessed with the concept of bluffing, especially of you attempt this successfully over the course of one or two hands. The issue with this is that it is unwise to rely on such a strategy, even if you are playing traditional poker at a bricks and mortar casino. The reason for this is simple, as bluffing in order to win with an inadequate or poor hand relies on the actions of others, and this cannot be depended on indefinitely. While it is possible to bluff and play down the magnitude of your hand, the fact that are backing your cards and remaining in contention gives at least something away to rival players.

Ultimately, you can bluff your way through a game of online poker. It is certainly more difficult in the virtual world, however, while you will also need to rely on your experience and instinct to determine when the time is right to fool rival players. You should certainly be wary when bluffing, however, as it is an increasingly risky strategy when frequenting online casinos and it can ultimately lead to significant and sustained losses.