Can you beat the Slots? Tips for Beginners

Free Casino takes a look and the immersive world of slot machine play and asks the question can they be beaten?

Can you beat the Slots? Tips for Beginners

Make no mistake, from the moment that you first enter the visually engaging and immersive world of slot machine gaming your head will begin to spin. From bright and vivid colours to an entire dictionary of occasionally confusing terms, it is all too easy to become overwhelmed when you first begin to play slot machine games. When you also factor in the rising number of so-called strategies that have been developed to guarantee success for beginners, you may be left with a scrambled mind that is far from focused.

Can you beat the Slots? The Tips for Beginners

Clarity of thought is imperative when you play casino games, as you focus solely on minimising risk and increasing the probability of winning. With this outlook, it is possible to overcome many of the challenges associated with slot machine gaming and create more favourable odds of achieving success. Consider the following steps towards achieving this: – 

Play on Carefully Selected Slot Machines 

Believe it or not, every slot machine has its own unique pay-out odds and house edge. Given the random nature of slot machine gaming and its inescapable element of chance, you must respect this and strive to minimise risk by playing on specific units with a higher pay-out ratio. There are even some machines that are referred to within the industry as certified slots, and these are so-called because they deliver pay-out ratios and hold percentages of between 98% and 100%. This means that they are the most likely to pay out over a prolonged period of time, and these machines should form the foundation of any viable strategy.

Consider Pay Lines and Big Money Machines

While certified slots should form the basis for your strategy, however, this does not mean that you should avoid others entirely. There are a number of five reel slots that offer pay-out ratios of approximately 90%, for example, but they compensate for this delivering a higher volume of pay lines and larger potential jackpots. You can therefore incorporate these machines as part of your overall strategy, playing on them sparingly in the search for large pay outs. So long as you are cautious when approaching these machines, you can improve your returns without encountering significantly greater risk.

Target Online Machines with High Value Promotions

Online slot machines now represent significant business, with operators competing aggressively for their share of the market. This has triggered a wave of incredibly generous promotional offers and deposit matches, which are primarily available to new players as they register with a specific casino brand. By targeting those that offer a welcome package that consists of free gameplay and complimentary spins, you can minimise the amount of capital that is required to play without compromising on the pursuit of large return.