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Casino Terminology Explained: Bonuses And Promotions

Casino Terminology Explained: Bonuses And Promotions  image

Virtual casino game play and online gambling is now huge business in the UK and Europe, while the growing diversity of platforms and games available continues to entice a new demographic of players to the market. This creates additional challenges, however, with new players facing a steep learning curve as they look to master the medium and earn a viable return. Even if you have experience of bricks and mortar casinos, you will need to understand specific online terminology surrounding terms, conditions and bonuses.

The latter point is particularly important, as bonuses are central features of online casino membership and may have a direct influence on the service provider that you partner with. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some bonus terminology and their meanings:

No Deposit Cash Bonus

This is usually the first bonus that a player receives upon registering with a branded casino, while outlets use this as a way of enticing customers and encouraging their loyalty. Essentially, it is a way of offering a bonus to players who register a real money account with their casino of choice. They can then claim their no-strings bonus and access a small amount of capital to gamble before they make a fixed deposit.

A Free Cash Casino Bonus

This piece of terminology is relatively self-explanatory, but given that things are not always as they seem it is worth offering a brief definition. Usually issued in the form of a voucher or an e-deposit that is made directly into your casino account, it is another unconditional bonus that essentially translates into a free cash sum. While the amounts offered are relatively restricted due to the boundless and generous nature of the bonus, this is a positive gesture that can at least afford you a small amount of gambling capital. 

A Match Deposit bonus

This is arguably the most popular form of online casino deposit, as it offers considerable incentives to both parties upon registering an account. It is also extremely simply to understand as the casino pledges to match your deposit through a fixed percentage (usually 100% but this can occasionally rise to 200%). Under the terms of a typical offer, players can claim this bonus once they make their initial deposit although it is worth noting that the majority of brands place a maximum threshold to limit the amount that they pay out.