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Chapter 1: A Casino Guide to Las Vegas

Chapter 1: A Casino Guide to Las Vegas image

Here are three of the best casino resorts in Vegas for you to consider

Given the falling rate of gambling revenues in Macau, the fact that a similar trend has developed in Las Vegas has almost gone unnoticed. It has been noticeably affected by the global fall in high-end gaming, however, baccarat winnings down by 36% in October and cumulative revenue having also plummeted by 5.6% to just $520 million. This represents a serious concern for establishments on the Vegas strip, who will be keen to implement proactive measures as a way of combating online gaming.

Despite this, however, gamers in search of a world class and immersive gambling experience should still consider a trip to the heartland of Vegas. Here are three of the best casino resorts in Vegas for you to consider:

Red Rock Resort

While this resort is located off the strip and close to the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, it remains one of the most popular resorts in Vegas. Stylish and decadent in equal measure, it boasts strong masculine colours and an enduring sense of luxury that should appeal to any aspiring high roller. With world class accommodation, a 7,000 seat outdoor amphitheatre and additional entertainment features, it also offers a slightly more affordable stay than some competing resorts that surround the in-demand Vegas strip.

Aria at City Centre

The centrepiece of the 67-acre City Centre arena in Vegas, Aria is the ultimate high rolling casino resort. There are even a total of 4,004 guest rooms available during peak season, in addition to a surrounding theatre, spectacular water features and a sense of opulence that is unmatched in any gaming environment in the world. There are also more than 16 world class and fine dining restaurants on site, while the gambling facilities themselves must be seen to be believed. Double rooms are also available for as little as $129 per night, meaning that a stay at Aria should be within even modest budgets.

The Bellagio

When people hear the words ‘casino’ and ‘Las Vegas’, their thoughts instantly turn to the grand and entirely magnificent Bellagio. This is largely down to the spectacular opening of the resort, which ushered in the age of the ‘mega-casino’ during the autumn of 1998. While many subsequent locations have closed due to considerable economic pressures, however, the Bellagio has remained strong and continues to draw visitors from around the world on a global basis. With an iconic design that has been immortalised in Hollywood films such as Ocean’s Eleven, it serves as the physical embodiment of gambling in Vegas and the spirit that lives in every risk-taker from across the globe.