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Find The Ball for an extra £20 at Betfair

Find The Ball for an extra £20 at Betfair image

New Betfair Casino players can play Find The Ball and win an extra £20 when they sign in for the first time during Wimbledon.

All new casino players are able to get up to £200 welcome bonus at Betfair Casino, but players who sign up during Wimbledon can win an additional £20 in the Find The Ball when they wager £30 in the Download Casino.

Players opting into the promotion simply login and get presented with an image, they have one click to choose where they think the ball is. Players who find the ball win £20 bonus, if they find a space directly behind the ball they’ll win £10 and players who miss altogether will still receive £5.

With just one guess available players must choose carefully and to add to the tension, have only 45 seconds to make their pick.

Betfair’s Find The Ball promotion is open until 23:59 GMT on 3 July for all Betfair customers who play Casino for the first time between 20 June and 3 July.

The bonus prizes will be applied to Download Casinio accounts within 72 hours and will queue behind any remaining bonus from Betfair’s welcome package.

Betfair’s all new Download Casino has over 150 games with the lowest margins in the industry, including progressive jackpot slots and live table games.

Full details of Find The Ball promotion and the £200 Welcome Bonus available to new players can be found at Betfair Casino.