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Free buy-in for Sportingbet Casino £2000 Backgammon Tournament

Free buy-in for Sportingbet Casino £2000 Backgammon Tournament image

This weekend, backgammon players can win a free buy-in to Sportingbet Casino’s £2,000 minimum guaranteed Backgammon Tournament scheduled for Sunday.

The weekly tournament has a guaranteed prize pool of at least £2000 for a buy-in of £33.00 with the prize fund continuing to grow by £30 for every entry over the first 67. All games in Sportingbet Casino’s Backgammon Tournament are 3-point matches leading to a nail-biting 7-pointer in the final.

The £2000 Tournament gets underway at 7.00pm on Sunday and the winner will walk away at least £500 richer with the top 16 players all getting a pay out.

Backgammon enthusiasts can win a free buy-in for this Sunday’s tournament in a series of qualifiers taking place ahead of the main event. Every round of the qualifiers is played to 1 point to give beginners a chance of winning a free entry into the £2000 tournament. There are three qualifiers scheduled for both Friday and Saturday, starting at 15:40, 17:15 and 21:15 each day. On the tournament day there are seven more qualifiers, starting on the hour from 11:00 until 16:00 with the final qualifier starting at 16:45.

There is a £3.30 buy-in for each qualifier and the winners get a free buy-in to Sunday’s tournament on condition that at least 10 players are entered, otherwise the winner will receive a cash prize.

Full details of the minimum guaranteed £2000 Blackgammon Tournament are available at Sportingbet Casino where newcomers could receive a £200 welcome bonus for placing £5 in one bet.