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From Vegas to Macau; 3 of the best Casinos in the World

From Vegas to Macau; 3 of the best Casinos in the World image

Despite the so-called decline in the bricks and mortar casino business, there are a number of traditional resorts that remain extremely popular throughout the world. From the bright lights of the Vegas strip to destinations further afield, these resorts boast world class entertainment, outstanding accommodation and an ever expanding range of gambling experience. For any serious gamblers, these locations stand as must-see locations that offer something for individuals of all descriptions and age ranges.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at three of the best casino resorts in the world.

Bellagio in Las Vegas

Perhaps the most famous casino in the world, the Bellagio combines incredible gambling facilities and accommodation within an extremely impressive resort. Located at the heart of the Vegas strip in the aptly named Paradise, Nevada, it is owned by MGM resorts International and has also had the unique distinction of featuring in leading Hollywood productions including Ocean’s Eleven and The Hangover. Also exquisitely decorated, the Bellagio can justifiably claim to be the best and most widely visited casinos in the world.

Casino De Monte Carlo, Monaco

A lavish and spectacular gambling complex located in Monte Carlo, Monaco, which remains synonymous with high-end spending and opulent luxury. The Casino De Monte Carlo is the most visited casino in Europe and second only to the Bellagio in terms of its status as a stunning entertainment resort. It also features in a number of Ian Fleming’s most famous novels and film adaptations, while it is renowned for looking particularly resplendent when it is illuminated at night.

The Venetian Macao, Macau

A gambling mecca in the East, Macau has just posted its worst ever month for gambling revenue with a 23% decrease in the last twelve months. Despite this, however, resorts such as the renowned Venetian Macao continues to record a healthy turnover and remains extremely popular among high-end gamblers. It is a 40-story; $2.4 billion anchor for a staggering seven hotels and additional entertainment resources, while it is officially recognised as the biggest casino in the world. While it may struggle if the current malaise continues, for now it can claim to be one of the best luxury resorts on the face of the planet.