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Gambling in Sports: 3 Football Teams Sponsored By Leading Casino Brands

Gambling in Sports: 3 Football Teams Sponsored By Leading Casino Brands image

The idea of online gambling and sports betting is becoming increasingly main stream in Western culture, with the NBA (National Basketball Association) the latest sporting association to request the legalisation of gambling in the U.S. The clamour is hard to ignore, especially when you consider how online gambling brands have already crossed over to become influential aspects of popular culture in the last few years. There are now a number of football teams throughout Europe that are sponsored by online casino brands and this is a trend that is likely to gather further momentum in 2015.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at three of the most prominent partnerships between football teams and leading casino brands.

Real Madrid and Bwin

Arguably one of the best known brands in sports betting and online gambling, the Bwin Party is a firm that has also developed numerous partnerships with leading football teams throughout Europe. The most famous and lucrative of these arrangements involves European champions Real Madrid, who recently made Spanish history by recording nineteen consecutive victories in all competitions. Before merging with Partypoker, Bwin were the main sponsor for Real Madrid and the brand was emblazoned on player’s shirts from 2007 to the present day. The brand has since moved into the Premier League and also sponsored Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga.  

AC Milan and Lottomatica

Despite being dominant in this marketplace, Bwin does not have a monopoly on sports team sponsorship. Italian giants Lottomatica are similarly dominant in the Italian Serie A league, for example, as they have a leading sponsorship deal with AC Milan alongside subsidiary agreements with AS Roma, Lazio, Sampdoria and Napoli. The brand has enjoyed considerable success from these partnerships, and it is rumoured to be looking at additional deals as a way of driving increased income.

Unibet and FC Copenhagen

Unibet remains a brand synonymous with online gambling and sports betting, and it has also taken the bold step of entering the lucrative world of football sponsorship. It has chosen to make its mark in the Danish league, and currently sponsors top-tier clubs FC Copenhagen and FC Midtjylland.  It has a three year contract with both of these teams, and it also serves as their exclusive betting partner during the terms of the contract.