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Helping you win at Roulette

Helping you win at Roulette image

Helping you win at Roulette

First and foremost as you may already be aware or have read elsewhere the most important thing to remember is to have first set yourself a limit on how much you are prepared to lose. A casino is a business and like any other business they are in it to make a profit and are not setup with the idea in mind of letting the player win.

This does not mean you can't win but it is best to not be tempted to spend more than you can afford in the hope of always coming out on top.

It is always good to have some form of strategy in mind when you play. You want to be able to win without breaking the bank. You might hope to be the next BIG winner and there is nothing wrong with that but it is always best to stick to your strategy and limits. Bearing this in mind there are always a few tips that can be helpful in making your roulette experience enjoyable and hopefully taking home a little bit extra.

So to help you achieve that aim here are a few hints to bear in mind while you try to beat the odds.

First you need to remember that Roulette is a game of chance and that each spin is a new chance to win. Quite simply your aim is to stay ahead at all times. It's nice to think big but be realistic about how much money you could win. Relying on probability is not a way to win. Just because the last five spins landed on a black it does not guarantee that the chances are any better for the next spin to be red or even black again. Remember, each spin is a separate chance to win. The Roulette Wheel is manually operated and itself has no memory on what the previous spins produced. You are not directly playing against another player that you can try to second guess like in Poker.

Now that you have set yourself a limit you can decide whether you are going to play more safe or more adventurously. The classic bet for playing the maximum odds of 35-1 is trying to guess the next number the ball will land on. Or you could go for the 17-1 split bet when you select two number next to each other. However if you want to be more careful and potentially stay longer on the table you have the outside bets. Here you bet that the ball will land on odd verses even or red verses black. The odds here are simply 1-1. The rewards may be lower if you win but so is the risk.

The last thing you want to happen is to get into a losing streak but this can happen. If it does you need to know when to take a breather, walk away for a while or simply know its time to quit for that session, especially if you have been loosing consistently for the last ten minutes.

Sometimes it can be best to watch a few games on a table first to get a feel for the game and that table in particular. You want to make sure you are comfortable at the table you choose to play on. Once you have decided a good tip would be to initially play a few numbers every spin.

So if you decide to give Roulette a Spin remember its a game of chance, set your limits and enjoy.

Finally, if your unsure of where to start, click here to peruse a list of the most popular and often frequented casinos on the market, as this will enable you to make an informed decision that aids your experience.