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Heralding New Jersey’s first Online Casino Million Dollar Winner

Heralding New Jersey’s first Online Casino Million Dollar Winner  image

New Jersey's first online casino million dollar winner was enticed by an innovative welcome bonus that included 20 free spins on a 50-cent slot game

After years’ of speculation and discussion, there has been official confirmation of the first legal $1 million winner at an online casino. It is somewhat fitting that the winner has been crowned in the Garden State of New Jersey,  which after Las Vegas serves a spiritual home for gamblers and casino goers. The news also comes at a time when there are significant moves to legalise gambling throughout the U.S., and will credibility to those within the industry who are keen to promote it further. 

So what is the identity of our mystery winner? Her name is Cathy Ruela, and she originates from the Morris Plains in New Jersey. Before the 6th November, she was just a regular 31 year old with a fondness for casino games and a relatively normal, family life. This was to change forever, however, after she was fortunate enough to claim the largest ever jackpot on a regulated gaming site in New Jersey. This came in the form of a huge $1.3 million prize, which has captured the imagination of online gamblers from across the world. 

Cathy was playing one of her favourite casino games, Millionaire Genie when she struck gold last month. “I didn’t know if I won $1 million or $1,000 when the treasure chest opened,” Ruela related, “and only when I called the rep and confirmed the winning was I reassured.” One can only imagine her reaction at the news, especially as she had only subscribed to become a part of the Harrah’s Casino brand in February. After being enticed by an innovative welcome bonus that offered her twenty free spins on the sites renowned 50-cent slot game, she has now claimed a life changing prize and emerged as a poster girl for legalised gambling in the U.S. 

While this success may have been life changing for Cathy Ruela, however, it is also likely to have a huge impact on the sector as a whole.  After all, it is a huge advert for online gambling and the potential returns that it can bring, and it is bound to draw new players to the market. It also underlines the good that mobile gaming can do, especially when people win big and claim huge prizes. 

The news will be particularly warmly welcomed; especially with New Jersey Online Gambling having struggled slightly to achieve their revenue predictions for 2014. The success of Cathy Ruela has provided an effective and organic marketing tool, however, and one that will do the industry no harm at all.