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How Blackjack Helped Bill Gross Become A Renowned Investor

How Blackjack Helped Bill Gross Become A Renowned Investor image

How Blackjack Helped Bill Gross Become A Renowned Investor

As anyone who has ever visited the Blackjack Hall of Fame in San Diego can testify, there are some skilled and talented players who have achieved huge critical and financial success. The sustained success of these individuals proves that it is not only possible to beat the house edge consistently, but also that the very best players can forge a lucrative career in the field of blackjack. 

Take the example set by Bill Gross, who used the wealth that he acquired as a blackjack player to establish himself in the equally competitive world of business. He currently owns the Pacific Investment Management Company (PIMCO) with friends Jim Muzzy and Bill Podlich, and this venture manages an estimated $1.97 trillion of investments cumulatively.

From Blackjack to Business Success 

While the worlds of blackjack and business may appear to be poles apart, they are in fact more closely aligned than you would think. Gross’ journey confirms this, and it stared at Duke University where he graduated with a degree in psychology and decided to head to Vegas with $2000 in capital. He then spent four months counting cards for up to 16 hours each day before eventually being forcibly removed from almost every casino on the strip, by which time he had earned a staggering $10,000. This steep and difficult learning curve taught Gross the importance of hard work and persistence, while it also honed his natural numerical ability and sharpness.


It also gave him a sense of risk and reward, and the delicate balance that exists between the two. Having subsequently spent a brief period of time in the U.S. military, Gross then attended business school before gaining employment as an investment analyst for Pacific Mutual in Los Angeles. It is from here that Gross formed his own company, which has since gone on to become the manager of America’s largest bond fund and a multi-billion dollar business.  Now worth $2.3 billion as an individual, Gross has forged a unique path towards success and serves as a role model for anyone with ambition, an independent mind and a sense of entrepreneurial spirit.

The Lessons we can Learn from Bill Gross

We have already touched on how Gross’ time as a blackjack player helped him to develop a relentless work ethic, an innate understanding of risk and a keen numerical ability. If we strip these attributes down, we can see that they are also crucial requirements for success in the business world, which is why Gross has been able to make such a seamless transition between the two worlds. This is an important lesson for everyone to learn, as an orthodox college education and career path are not necessarily pre-requisites for sustained business success.