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How Online Casino Bonuses Drive Engagement

How Online Casino Bonuses Drive Engagement image

How Online Casino Bonuses Drive Engagement

Virtual casinos represent huge business in 2015, with its revenues set to contribute to a record-breaking year for the remote gaming market. The market is expected to peak at $182.8 billion this year, with the potential to expand even further over the course of the next decade.

While some may point to the flexibility and increasing authenticity of virtual casinos as being key to their appeal, however, aggressive and innovation promotional offers also have a huge impact. This helps to engage customers and gives them an incentive to partner with a specific operator.

The Casinos Daily Lucky 8 Promotion and Similar Offers

One of the best examples of an innovative and impactful bonus offer is provided by, which always looks to infuse its brand into any deposit matches or welcome packages that it creates. Take its ‘Lucky 8’ Promotion, for example, which is associated with the game of roulette and offers a bonus to players when the winning number is eight. This helps successful players to earn additional income, while it also adds an additional thrill to the overall gambling experience and is exceptionally easy to understand.


This promotion is ongoing, and it works along a relatively simple premise. More specifically, players can take their seat at a Live Roulette table between the hours of eight and nine in the evening. Aside from this, the only equivalent is to place a minimum bet of £8 on a number of your choice before waiting for the result to be unveiled. If you are fortunate enough to place a bet in a round when the winning number was eight, you will win an accompanying bonus of £8. As the game is live too, you can interact with other players in real-time and share a more immersive experience.

How effective is this type of Promotion?

This type of promotion is not only enticing for players, but it is also easy to implement and manage from a brand perspective. Above all, it is easily synonymous with the brand, so that players will identify it far easier as they visit the site regularly.

From a player perspective, this type of promotion is fun, innovative and adds a layer of excitement to their overall experience. While it may lack the punch of a 100% deposit match or a lavish, no-strings welcome bonus, it is sure to appeal to recreational players and those with a keen sense of adventure.