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How to win at Zero Baccarat

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How to win at Zero Baccarat

In many ways, Baccarat is the forgotten link in the chain of classic casino games. While disciplines such as poker, blackjack, roulette and even craps continue to diversify and grow in terms of their popularity, for example, baccarat remains entrenched in its own fascinating history and perhaps fails to generate the same level of excitement among players. Online gambling brand Betfair is looking to change these circumstances, however, having recently unveiled the exciting and extremely intriguing ‘Zero Lounge Baccarat’.

Let’s start with the facts: Zero Lounge Baccarat offers players access to a lowered house edge that optimises their chances of winning. Having fallen by almost half from 5% to 2.75%, lucky players have a unique opportunity to succeed and face even odds of winning any given pot. More specifically, the brand pledge that the pay-out rate for this game sits somewhere between 99% and 100%, which is far superior to the rate offered by most certified slots, French roulette and single deck blackjack. So although the edge remains with the casino, there is enough leeway for skilled players to succeed.


With that being said, you will need a viable strategy to succeed. A successful strategy for this game must be based on understanding how to beat these percentage points, while it must also factor in the amount of commission paid for various betting units. In terms of best practice, the typical system used to thrive during a game of Zero Lounge Baccarat is an adapted version of the 1,3,2,4 strategy. This sequence refers to the run of winning bets, and as long as you are successful you should continue to progress through and the repeat this process. In instances where you lose, you must go back to the start and remain there until you earn another win.

This is a basic blueprint for success, although you may need to tailor your chosen strategy to suit your philosophy and appetite for risk. This system has been proven to work when applied during this particular game, however, so it is worth sticking to it as rigidly as possible over time.

The benefits of such an approach are obvious, especially when you consider the house edge associated with the game. With a little luck, this format can help to popularise baccarat and re-establish it as a classic and popular casino game.