International Gambling: The Vegas Alternatives

Free Casino takes a look at three viable alternatives to the bright lights of the Vegas strip.

International Gambling: The Vegas Alternatives

For genuine fans of gambling, a trip to the mecca of Las Vegas appeal as the most relevant and alluring. If you are an online gambler who likes to play in one of the many virtual casinos available online, however, or have been deterred from visiting Nevada by the hit Hollywood film The Hangover, you may be more open minded about which casino friendly location you choose to visit. Believe it or not, there are several international locations outside of Vegas that offer an immersive gambling experience that will never be forgotten.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at three viable alternatives to the bright lights of the Vegas strip.

Macau, China

While the Chinese territory of Macau is receiving relatively negative press at present, it remains a beacon for high-rolling gamblers and luxury living. Despite posting gambling revenue losses of 23% in October in 2014 and producing financial records that confirm the regions’ worst ever year in terms of profitability, this is considered by many to be a temporary blip that does little to detract from the range or quality of casinos that the area has to offer. It is also home to the Venetian Macao, which is the largest casino in the world and one that draws thousands of international visitors on an annual basis.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Home to the luxurious Casino De Monte Carlo and similar resorts, the French Principality of Monaca has served as a gambling mecca for generations. Aside for its aesthetical beauty and sense of grandeur, Monaco and its Monte Carlo capital is also renowned as the home of the rich and famous and the only Western location of levy no taxation on its residents. This offers huge incentive to gamblers, who regardless of their favourite game or financial circumstances can commit their hard earned money without being forced to share any of their winnings through high level taxation.

Atlantic City, New Jersey

If Nevada remains the spiritual home of gambling, New Jersey is its holiday apartment and second residence. One of only three states to have legalised online gambling (alongside Nevada and most recently Delaware), New Jersey is home to the Vegas-inspired Atlantic City and spectacular casino resorts such as Caesars and the Borgata Hotel. Offering slightly more affordable accommodation than Las Vegas and an equally diverse range of casino games and experiences, it is ideal for international travellers or American residents who are looking to a cheaper Vegas alternative.