Introducing Punto Banco

Free Casino takes a closer look at a game with unusual rules and gameplay and a close relative to the famous game of Baccarat. Welcome to Punto Banco.

Introducing Punto Banco

If you have ever watched one of the numerous James Bond movies through the ages, you will have noticed that Britain’s favourite secret agent has a penchant for Baccarat. Although one or two movies have shown Bond playing Roulette (think Timothy’ Dalton’s License to Kill in 1989, for example), it is Baccarat that remains the icons game of choice. 

It is this that has given Baccarat a sense of style and luxury, although its reputation as a high-end game deters some players from adopting it as their own. There are interesting and less intensive alternatives to Baccarat, however, including the fun and more playful example of Punto Banco (which has a similar variation known as Chemin de fer). 

What is Punto Banco? A Brief Introduction

Punto Banco is certainly a close relative to the famous and grand game of Baccarat, although its unusual rules and gameplay offers a unique dimension to players. The main difference is that are no optional plays available in this game, and that all cards are dealt according to a fixed set of rules.  On a similar note, it can also be played on two alternative types of table, one of which provides a conventional Blackjack style backdrop and another offering a full table version. This is often replicated by online operators, who aim to spread the game and provide additional coverage to players.


The object of the game is to bet on the winner of a contest between two individual hands. One of these is called Player and the other is referred to as Bank, with cards dealt to both hands by the dealer. At the end of the game, the winner is the participant whose hand is the closest to the value of nine, with both table versions offering identical rules. The totals are calculated by adding the values of the cards in each hand, and then using the final digit. So if you are dealt a four and a six, you will have a total of 10 and a single digit value of zero.

Final Thoughts 

The game is available in many of the leading and provincial gambling establishments around the world, while online operators Betfair also offer a version of Punto Banco as a part of its live casino. If you do play offline, you will need to adhere to a number of rules and example of etiquette if you are to make the most of the experience. Only players who are seated at the table are allowed to make a bet, for example, while they must also choose which of the two sides will be victorious before the game commences.