Is Macau the new casino capital?

Free Casino asks the question if Macau is the new casino capital

Is Macau the new casino capital?

While online gambling and virtual casinos have enjoyed huge growth in recent times, bricks and mortar establishments have experienced a significant decline in revenue. This rule even applies to the worlds’ most lavish locations, with resorts in both Vegas and Macau suffering from reduced spending. Revenues in Macau dropped by a staggering 20% in November last year, for example, reaching a cumulative total of £1.9 billion across the territories 35 casinos. This marked the sixth consecutive annual decline for the region, while similar numbers were also reported in gambling’s spiritual home of Vegas.

While their penchant for gambling and declining revenues may distinguish Macau and Vegas as compatible bed fellows, there are also cultural, social and logistical factors that separate them. 

Gaming History and Core Influences

While the legend of Las Vegas was born in Nevada in the 1930’s, Macau’s history can be traced to its origins as a Portuguese colony in the 16thgaming history, with European games, formats and strategies forming the basis of most casino itineraries. Given that classic casino games such as roulette and blackjack emerged in France and other regions during the seventeenth century, this means that Macau still favours traditional variations and boasts a more nostalgic outlook. The region’s reputation as a gambling mecca was forged in earnest at the turn of the 21stsovereignty. century. This has had a huge influence on the region’s  century, however, when the Chinese government assumed 

The Gambling Culture

While Vegas is renowned as the spiritual home of gambling, the majority of residents and gamblers consider it to be a recreational past-time. This reputation has been further enhanced by Hollywood hits such as the Hangover, which have popularised the region’s fun-loving culture and free-spirited nature. In contrast, Macau is renowned as a serious gambling location, where high-rollers and wealthy businessmen go to earn serious income. More of an investment vehicle than a recreational past-time, Macau is where gamblers go to win and earn huge amounts of money.

Hotels and Accommodation

When you play online through the virtual casinos, there is no need to incur travel or accommodation costs. Hotels represent a key part of the bricks and mortar gambling experience, however, with locations such as Vegas and Macau offering a huge range of high-end accommodation outlets. While Vegas may dominate this particular sector of the market, Macau is the only international location that comes close with stellar resorts such as Venetian and Wynn. Vegas is superior purely in terms of volume, however, while it is also home to a richer diversity in terms of price.