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Key Terms to Remember as you Play Slot Machines

Key Terms to Remember as you Play Slot Machines image

Key Terms to Remember as you Play Slot Machines

If you are new to the thrilling and occasionally high octane world of gambling, knowledge is your best weapon in the quest to make considerable sums of money. By researching your chosen game and absorbing as much introductory information as possible, you can translate this into understanding and quickly become a tough and strategic competitor. One of the key learning curves revolves around terminology, as this is often used in live gaming situations and tournament play where quick decision making is of the essence.

With this in mind, let’s start with slot machine gaming and look at three key terms that will influence gameplay. 

Bonus Features

While bonus features have always been a key component of slot machine gaming, they have become even more prominent since the emergence of virtual casinos. Essentially, a bonus feature may be offered in a number of different formats, from wild cards to specific symbols and free spins. Each will have a specific value, so it is important that you calculate which options help to drive your individual strategy. It is also crucial that you remain aware of these bonuses and utilise them to their full potential, as this will optimise your chances of winning over time.


Certified Slots

While some may argue that it is difficult to strategize in a game of chance involving slot machines, it is certainly possible to minimise risk and optimise your probability of winning. Each machine has its own unique and subjective pay-out ratio, for example, with some offering relatively low rates of approximately 90% in exchange for larger jackpots. For those with a clear focus and a keener sense of risk-aversion, however, certified slots have a guaranteed pay-out rate of between 98% and 100% and are usually clearly marked on individual machines. 

Hold Percentage 

On a similar note, the term hold percentage refers to how much of a players’ money the casino or online operator keeps during the course of gameplay. This is presented in a similar way, and sometimes this terminology will be used instead of traditional pay-out rates to describe the viability of an individual machine. If you come across a machine with a 99% hold percentage, for example, this means that the slot will keep one dollar while returning $99 back to the player. Such odds are favourable, so prioritising these machines can enable you to generate higher revenues of a consistent period of gameplay.