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Linked Slots: The Rise and Rise of Progressive Jackpots

Linked Slots: The Rise and Rise of Progressive Jackpots  image

Linked Slots: The Rise and Rise of Progressive Jackpots 

Since 2010, there is one type of online gaming that has grown at a pronounced and unprecedented rate.

While I could theoretically be referencing any of the popular casino games now accessible online gaming, it is slot gaming that has taken the world by storm in the last five years. There are multiple reasons for this, from the emergence of exciting themed games to the developing of multi-line slots that offer additional opportunities for players to win. Perhaps the most popular type of experience in this market in 2015 is progressive slot machine gaming, which offers huge cash prizes and the type of returns that can change lives.

Progressive Slots and Jackpots: The Pros and Cons

So what exactly are progressive slots? In essence, they are a network of linked machines or operators that draw a percentage of all money paid in by gamers. This is then accumulated to create a progressive jackpot, and one which continues to grow as more players join the game. A progressive jackpot will continue to expand until it is won, and in some instances this can grow to a head-spinning amount that makes headlines and enables players to earn incredible wealth. With this in mind, the popularity of progressive slots is easy to understand even in a crowded gaming marketplace.


You should proceed with caution; however, as there are some things you need to know before committing funds to a progressive slot. Firstly, the chances of winning on a progressive slot are minimal, especially given the structure of the game and the sheer number of competitors. Additionally, it is also important to note that the actual payback percentage will be considerably lower on other winning combinations or pay lines other than the jackpot, as the vast majority of money is retained for the progressive jackpot. So unless you are extremely fortunate or patient, you are unlikely to win much money within a typical gaming session.

Are Progressive or Linked Slot Machines right for you?

With the balanced points of view in mind, it is important to think carefully and make an informed decision. While the opportunity to win big is inescapable, it is also extremely rare and you must enter progressive slot gaming with this understanding. If you have a healthy bank roll and are willing to be patient in the pursuit of games, however, ambitious gamblers will find that the thrill of the chase offers a rewarding and mesmerising experience. It is to be avoided for recreational or inexperienced gamblers, however, who usually lack either the desire or wealth to win a progressive jackpot.