Modern Poker Variations Online

Although there are many different Poker variations online, Free Casino takes a look at three of the best in 2015.

Modern Poker Variations Online

The list of modern poker variations is almost endless, from video formats to the ingenious ‘Deuces Wild’. Choosing just one format to play and master can be difficult, however, as each offers numerous advantages and opportunities to win big and generate income. Your choice should depend on your playing preferences and the benefits available through each game, as this ensures that you are making an informed decision that delivers rewards. Your journey should start by comparing various online casino brands, before identifying the games that are most compelling.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at three of the best poker variations for 2015.

Jacks or Better

Available through the popular casino, Jacks or Better is the ideal fusion between poker and slot machine gaming. Players are simply required to build the best possible hand through the online platform, selecting cards from multiple decks that are presented in the form of a virtual slot. As compelling as it is simple, this game is extremely popular and repays bigger pay-out for incrementally better hands, with Jacks or Better offering a suitable (if not the best possible) financial return.


Texas Hold ‘em Poker

Even non-poker enthusiasts are aware of this format of the game, which has become a staple feature online and across social gaming outlets such as Facebook. In effect, it was the first poker format that entered the virtual mainstream, breaking down the barriers of popular culture and accessibility in the process. With both six and nine hand variations available to players, the game offers huge diversity and considerable competition between rivals. While the popularity of the game means that you may struggle to find a seat at your chosen table, patience will undoubtedly deliver financial rewards.


Have you ever dreamed of cashing in on your bad hands without the risk of bluffing? If so, you may feel as though you are chasing an impossible dream that has eluded professional players for generations. This was before the age of online poker, however, as formats such as Razz offer participants the chance to make the best, five card hand possible from a total of seven cards drawn. This game combines elements of Stud Hi and Lowball poker, while it is often to fashion a viable, strong and competitive hand more often than not.