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Online Casino Laws Around The World

Online Casino Laws Around The World image

The online gambling sector is increasingly lucrative in the modern age, while it is also continuing to grow at an incredible rate. With mobile gaming alone set to reach $9 billion by the year 2016, this is clearly a growth market that may soon supersede the traditional console and video game platforms. Despite this, there are certain countries throughout the world where online gambling and casino play is largely inhibited, thanks primarily to an archaic viewpoint and a failure to recognise a past-time that is now in vogue.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at the different attitudes towards online gambling and how they impact on national laws.

The U.S and Canada

America has a strange relationship with gambling, as while it is home to famous casino resorts in Las Vegas and Atlantic City the concept of betting in the virtual space has divided law makers. As a result, online gaming is currently only permitted in three U.S. states, including Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware. The tide is quickly beginning to turn, however, with California and Pennyslvania also likely to follow suit and legalise online gaming in the near future. There is also an increasing clamour among influential bodies such as the MMA and the NBA to legalise sports betting online, so the gambling landscape is likely to change significantly in 2015.

The UK

In contrast to the U.S., the UK has far more relaxed laws when it comes to gambling online and sports betting. In fact, online gambling is universally legal and accessible in Britain, with a number of resources available offering players with access to a huge number of virtual casinos and gaming experiences. The same principle applies to sports betting, as consumers can spend their hard-earned money through a variety of bookmakers online and in real-time as their favourite sporting events unfold.


In between these two extremes sits Europe, which has a relatively open attitude to online gambling (particularly in Western nations such as France, Italy and Spain). Despite this, it also has numerous regulatory measures and stringent guidelines for casinos to follow, meaning that the experience is relatively restricted in comparison with the UK. It is still more accessible than in the majority of U.S. states, however, while some of the largest online casinos are based in the mainland of central Europe.