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Online Casino Myths Exposed

Online Casino Myths Exposed image

The journey of online gambling has been a fascinating adventure, and one that continues to unfold at a rapid pace. From humble beginnings as a new and controversial entity to its current status as a multi-billion dollar industry, it has benefitted hugely from stringent regulatory measures and greater diversity in terms of the types of games and platforms available. With the past-time now legal in Europe, UK and three U.S. states, it will evolve even further in the next decade and reach even more exalted heights.

Despite this, there are still a number of online casino myths that continue to distort player perceptions.

Online Casino’s Don’t Pay

This is an argument that has been waged by critics for years, although regular players have always testified to the lucrative nature of online gambling. This has been underlined further in recent weeks, after a New Jersey resident became the first official online casino millionaire and another U.S. citizen won nearly a quarter of a million dollars through the popular Slotland website. These headline events and the typical experiences of prolific players actually suggest that online casinos not only pay, but that they also deliver lucrative returns to successful participants.

Casino Games are Rigged in Favour of the Website

Arguably the most ridiculous and malicious myth of all, the suggestion that online casino game play is rigged is almost laughable in the modern age. While the popularisation of this format may have placed online gambling under considerable scrutiny from critics, it has also triggered a drive to implement stringent and unflinching regulatory measure that actively protect players. So even though there may be a rising number of resources that connect gamers to online casinos, there has arguably never been a better time to gamble in the virtual realm.

Online Casinos are not Secure

Historically, there have been false but understandable concerns surrounding the security of online gambling. These are largely mired in ignorance; however, as almost all casino websites use the most effective and updated online security tools. These include 128-bit encryption to protect players’ financial information and secure servers, while those that enable live game play are even better protected. So whether you enjoy skilled video poker tournaments or games of chance such as slot machines and roulette, you can play online with genuine contentment and peace of mind.