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Online Casino v Bricks And Mortar Establishments

Online Casino v Bricks And Mortar Establishments image

Free Casino looks at how online casino gaming compares to the bricks-and-mortar alternatives.

As the online gambling community continues to bask in the glory of its first anointed millionaire from the garden state of New Jersey, you could be forgiven for thinking that traditional gambling methods are increasingly moribund. This message was underlined further in recent times, when another American citizen won a grand prize of $207,008 while playing online at the renowned Slotland Casino. Despite this, there is still a healthy level of demand for bricks and mortar casinos among traditionalists and beneath the bright lights of towns such as Las Vegas.

While traditional casino locations may have reported drastically diminished profits in recent times, resorts along the Vegas strip and in the heart of New Jersey continue to hold almost mystical allure as meccas of gambling. They shine like a beacon for both novice and experienced players alike, especially those who romanticise gambling and consider it be a key aspect of contemporary popular culture. These destinations are also popular due to the affiliated entertainment and accommodation outlets, which contribute to a world class gambling experience that completely transcends the gaming industry.

This comes at a price, however, which many casinos are struggling to justify in the face of an online revolution. Bricks and mortar casinos also have a host of distractions that can disturb a players’ focus, such as alcohol, bustling crowds and a plethora of brightly shining lights. This is why a growing number of serious and dedicated gamblers decide to play online, where there are a number of appealing promotional offers and free bets. In effect, online gamblers are afforded the opportunity to play from the comfort of their own home while also optimising the efficiency of their decision making and bottom line earnings.

Several bookmakers you will notice add their own online casinos to their bricks and mortar establishments, including the likes of Grosvenor Casino who added themselves to the online casino industry in 2008.

The sheer pace of technological advancement and its application means that online gambling is undoubtedly the way of the future. While this may be worrying news for bricks and mortar establishments in the long-term, however, for now there is no reason why they cannot continue to prosper and attract visitors from all over the world. It may be necessary for them to diversify and be more creative in terms of how they market their experience, especially in an age where the virtual realm is such as dominant force.