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Pinball Roulette: Introducing Fun to a Casino Classic

Pinball Roulette: Introducing Fun to a Casino Classic image

Pinball Roulette: Introducing Fun to a Casino Classic

Thanks to the modern nature of gaming, roulette is now available in a number of diverse and intriguing variations. Some of these have introduced a sense of fun and excitement to the game, with the fascinating Pinball Roulette format arguably the best example of this. Combining the best elements of fast pace pinball gaming and classic roulette, it challenges players while also engaging them in an experience that delivers both fun and financial rewards in equal measure.

Introducing Pinball Roulette: The Rules and the Aim of the Game

To start with, the object of Pinball Roulette is simple. More specifically, players are required to predict where the ball will come to rest on the roulette strip. The Pinball Roulette strip in question consists of numbers one through 36, while it echoes the classic format of the game by featuring alternating red and black grooves and a green single zero slot. Players can place their bets in the usual way during this game, investing in multiple wagers simultaneously and covering both inside and outside bets.


This is where the main difference comes into play, as the ball is launched onto the strip in a far more explosive and unpredictable manner. So although some players of traditional roulette have attempted to shape their strategy by estimating where the ball will land on a standard wheel, this is not an option when betting on Pinball Roulette. This not only adds an impressive visual dimension to the game when it is played through an online operator such as the Betfred Casino, but it also uses flippers, kickers and targets to change the course of gameplay.

Betting Options and Variations with Pinball Roulette

Although the precise rules of the game will vary according to which online operator you play with, there are some variations that remain commonplace. Aside from all standard betting options such as odds or evens, red or black and single number wagers, one of the most common features is the Auto Bet feature. This enables players to play one, two, five or 10 consecutive rounds with the same bet, which is ideal for those who have a rigid and consistently applied strategy. There is also a unique Turbo Bet option, and selecting this option lets players skip the helter-skelter nature animation of the ball and reveal the result instantly.

While this is at odds with the core principle of the game, it lets serious players generate as many results as possible and optimise their earnings.