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Red Dog Poker: Hone your Psychic Skills and win Big Online

Red Dog Poker: Hone your Psychic Skills and win Big Online image

Red Dog Poker: Hone your Psychic Skills and win Big Online

If you are an avid, online poker player, you will probably find yourself spoiled for choice in the current market. After all, there are a number of innovative companies that work behind the scenes to translate the classic game of poker into a contemporary, online format, while leading technology companies such as Android and Apple continue to deliver advanced operating systems and graphics engines through their hardware. One of the latest online variations is known as Red Dog, and it is available through the Paddy Power Casino platform.

What is Red Dog Poker?

So what exactly is Red Dog poker? Essentially, it is a simple game that requires players to predict if the value of the third card dealt from the deck is between those held by the first two cards. So if you draw a five and a 10, for example, you will need to calculate the odds and estimate whether or not the next card is likely to be a six, a seven, eight or a nine. All number cards as their face value, with a Jack carrying the value of 11, a Queen 12, a King 13 and an Ace 14. The suit has no relevance at all, while all cards are dealt from a single, shuffled deck.


The game is exceptionally fast-paced, while the rules are extremely simple to understand. The strategy that you apply can also be conceived quite easily, with the biggest decision revolving around whether or not you adopt a high risk approach or look to hedge your bets where possible. While your decision may be relatively simple in instances where you draw a low value and a high value card, for example, skill and instinct will be required to predict the outcome if you hold two middle value cards.

A Game of Chance or Risk?

In many ways, Red Dog is a simplistic and enjoyable game of chance that relies almost entirely on the flip of a card. This should not be considered as a negative; however, as it should appeal to recreational gamers and novices who simply want to enjoy thrilling and fast-paced gameplay.

It is not necessarily a game for serious gamblers; however, even though predicting the outcome of more closely matched hands will require skill, instinct and a certain amount of strategy. If you are a dedicated profession, you may be better served by playing traditional poker formats where greater levels of skill are required.