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Rolling the Dice: Chance your Arm at Sic Bo

Rolling the Dice: Chance your Arm at Sic Bo image

Rolling the Dice: Chance your Arm at Sic Bo

If there is one hidden benefit to the rise of online gambling, it is the re-emergence of classic games and gaming patterns that had previously been lost to the annals of history. Take Sic Bo, for example, which is a game of Chinese origin that first emerged and gained credibility in the gambling capital of Macau.

It is less widely available in the U.S. and the UK, and usually reserved for niche rooms and outlets. It is becoming an increasingly popular feature of modern online gambling outlets, however, with a number of engaging and innovative formats available through brands such as the William Hill Casino.

An ancient game, Sic Bo arguably has a longer history that any similar discipline. It has also maintained its popularity and longevity throughout centuries, and the decision to adapt it for the virtual world has taken it onto an entirely new level. It is essentially a game that uses three dice and a table, the latter of which lists multiple betting options for players. While the precise odds and table layout will vary from place to place, the pay-offs remain almost identical and this is something for new players to bear in mind. Players must subsequently place their wagers according to a predetermined strategy before rolling the dice.


In generic terms, the first bet players can place is ‘small’. This wins on a total of between four and ten, with the exception of three of a kind. The probability of winning with this wager is approximately 48.61%, while the house edge is 2.78%. In contrast, a ‘big’ wager wins on a total somewhere between 11 and 17, although the house edge and odds of winning remain the same. A third major bet can be placed on a total of four and 17, which is the equivalent of a single number bet in roulette and pays out at odds of anywhere between 50 and 62 to one depending on where you play.

If you have a keen sense of adventure and a willingness to learn, you could do far worse than roll the dice and chance your arm with Sic Bo at the William Hill Casino. Just be sure to research the game prior to playing and familiarise yourself with the rules operated by the independent brand or gambling site where you choose to play.