Roulette Systems Explained

Discover three popular Roulette systems that can help your chances of winning when playing the online casino favourite

Discover three popular Roulette systems that may help your chances when playing online casino

As a general rule, gambling games and past-time can be split into two simple categories. While one of these includes high stakes games of skill such as poker, the other tends to feature more light-hearted and chance-based titles such blackjack. The popular casino game of roulette would typically fall into the latter category, as it relies heavily on the spin of a wheel and the orientation of a ball that players cannot control. Despite this, there are some established systems that enable players to develop a strategy and potentially boost their odds of winning.

Whether you intend to play at a bricks and mortar casino or an online outlet, let’s take a look at three of the most effective roulette systems for the year ahead.

The Fibonacci Gambling System

One of the most tried and tested roulette systems, the Fibonacci strategy is based on a naturally occurring mathematic sequence that enables players to forecast patterns and make informed bets. It actually dates back more than 900 years, while it also has multiple applications outside of the gambling world. The sequence itself is exceptionally complex and difficult to remember, so players usually benefit from practicing this regularly and writing it down prior to playing. They may also plan out their corresponding bets, so that they can gamble seamlessly once the game has commenced.

The Kavouras Betting System

A less renowned strategy, the Kavouras system offers numerous intentional and unintentional benefits to roulette players. It includes up to 20 alternative bet numbers, which instantly creates less volatile game play and reduces any potential losing series. These numbers are also scattered chronologically around the wheel, embracing the element of chance and ultimately preventing the dealer from avoiding specific sectors. This is essentially a system that helps you to hedge your bets and marginally improve your odds as a player, rather than one that is radical and offers the slight promise of huge returns.

The Martingale System

Arguably the single most famous roulette system of all time, the Martingale strategy serves as the epitome of ‘positive progressions’. In layman’s terms, it has been designed for the even chances and requires players to double up until they emerge victorious. It is based on the simple and yet ingenious principle that you will win at some point while playing roulette, which makes perfect sense given the random nature of the game. The key is to ensure that this win recovers all previous losses, which may prove difficult if you have endured a long losing streak. It is best applied by experienced players, especially those who have a greater understanding of risk and reward while gambling.