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Should you play a New or Classic Poker Format?

Should you play a New or Classic Poker Format? image

Should you play a New or Classic Poker Format?

As an online poker player, you are generally spoiled for choice when choosing a format. This also extends across all games, to the point where attempting to select a single discipline is extremely difficult. If we take poker as an example, there are a large number of independent casino chains that continue to develop new and innovative formats for the modern age. While these versions are based on classic variations of the game, the process of choosing one demands careful consideration.

To narrow down your choice, you should first decide whether you want to play a new, innovative format or a classic variation. This will limit your choice considerably, especially if you decide to select a traditional version such as Texas Hold ‘em poker. Consider the following factors to make this decision:

Are you Adept at Traditional Poker Forms?

This is perhaps the most important consideration, as players who are skilled at classic versions of the game should probably to these formats wherever possible. While companies such as Betway have created simplistic and alternative formats such as 3 Card Poker, there is little point in playing games of this ilk if you are already well-placed to prosper from traditional alternatives. If you struggle with the complexity and demands of classic formats, however, you should look try your hand at something a little different and altogether simpler.


Do you adapt to Change well?

Do you adapt to change well? If so, then you will have an innate ability to alternate between various poker formats without undermining your strategy or level of gameplay. Those with a flexible and lithe approach to poker as a whole can benefit from switching games, as it helps them to build experience and thrive regardless of the platform that they play on. If you are more rigid in your approach and lack adaptability, however, you should stick to familiar formats that have already shaped your skill-set and experience.

Do you prefer a Specific Gambling Platform?

While all major, online casino brands offer diversity in terms of their available games, it is fair to say that some have more than others. You may have a preferred platform through which you choose to play, however, which will immediately place restrictions on the precise formats of poker you are able to play. This preference may be based on the layout of the site in question or a sense of loyalty that has been built over time, but either way it may have a strong influence on whether you pursue traditional or innovative poker formats.