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Speed Roulette with Betfair Live Casino

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Speed Roulette with Betfair Live Casino

Over at Betfair Live Casino they have just introduced a great new feature called Speed Roulette that puts them ahead of the competition. Players can enjoy Betfair's wide range of Casino games, with over 100 games on offer in all the areas that you would expect to find at a top level online casino and betting organisation and now Speed Roulette is added to the mix.

Speed Roulette makes for the most realistic Live Casino experience. A major criticism of all Live Dealer platforms is the time between spins on roulette. Betfair are now able to offer two spins per minute on live roulette. This is ideal for customers who love to play their favourite numbers in repeat bet format or those who prefer playing outside bets.

A big criticism on most Live Dealer platforms is how much time is taken up between the spins of the roulette wheel. With this in mind Betfair have introduced Speed Roulette to help make the Live Casino experience as realistic as possible.

The Speed Roulette table is open from 3pm until 11pm daily with an aim of offering two spins per minute. For those players who like to repeat bet on their favorite numbers or make the most of playing outside bets, speed roulette is ideal.

To coincide with the introduction of Speed Roulette, Betfair Casino have also introduced a new minimum stake on most of their roulette tables. This means you can now bet from as little as 10p. This will mean you can play for longer and enjoy more of the Live Casino experience. If however you wish to bet higher the maximum bet of £200 is still available.

If you fancy giving Speed Roulette a try Betfair have a great Live Casino Offer which is a 100% bonus up to £200 on first deposit. You can even claim £5 free with no deposit if you prefer.

Streamed from a Playtech Euro dealer studio in Riga, Latvia, Betfair gives its casino customers an experience which bridges the gap between online casino gaming and the real 'bricks and mortar' environment with their Live Casino.

You can read our full review of Betfairs Live Casino experience and £5 no deposit offer here.

So if you are a player who enjoys a faster game of roulette, combined with bet limits as low as 10p in a Live Casino Environment, this new feature of Speed Roulette from Betfair is the perfect answer.