The 3 Most Outrageous Casino Wins In The UK

The rise of the online casino has been pronounced in recent months, read about the 3 Most Outrageous Casino Wins In The UK

Read about the 3 most outrageous casino wins in the Uk, including one gambler who is now banned

The rise of the online casino has been pronounced in recent months, and theoretically this will make it easier for players to access big winnings, as they can play a higher volume of games from the comfort of their own home. When you also consider that online gambling in the UK is completely legal and relatively unrestricted, this creates a potent combination that enables gamers to win substantial prizes.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at 3 of the biggest UK casino winners across both gambling formats.

An Anonymous Player, £5.4 Million

The UK’s biggest online casino win came in 2013, when an anonymous deep sea fisherman claimed a staggering £5.4 million jackpot while playing in the aptly named ‘Hall of Gods’. Having started gambling by placing just twenty pence per spin, he gradually built his earnings until he claimed the record breaking prize. This amount even dwarves the recent $1.3 million pay-out to a New Jersey resident, who has become officially recognised as the first player to become a millionaire legally through online gaming in the U.S.

CrazyDaiz, £130,429 

While the name may seems strange, it should be pointed out that this is an online moniker that was registered with the InterCasino game ‘Rags to Riches’. Back in 2003, CrazyDaiz was playing online at home when she decided to retire for the evening and head to bed. Before she could sleep, however, she was encouraged by a combination of restlessness and female intuition to return online and log back into her account. Just two spins later, she was £130,429 richer and celebrating one of the biggest wins in online casino history. 

Balvinder Sambhi, £28,000

While £28,000 may seem like a relatively small sum of money, the story surrounding its accrual by Birmingham resident Balvinder Sambhi is particularly interesting. After a concerted winning streak playing roulette at the Grosvenor Casino, the British born citizen was banned due to his application of a secret betting pattern and strategy. This enabled him to earn £28,000 in a two month period, in some instances winning £4,000 each day and steadily building his winnings. While the use of mathematical strategies is not illegal in anyway, individual casinos are able to ban players at their discretion of the need arises.